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    Ty for reading and hopefully replying. But a quick run down. .... Got two 3ft girls from a friend before I was ready. Growing in Coco/perlite under a 300w high end led(not at the start). They were outside in 85temps for a couple days before I got my light. Brought them inside to the tent( with no circulation yet:( ) humidity got high 90% and temps got to 87 in the tent before I realized how crucial circulating air is. I've since turned the humidifier off as the plants are keeping humidity at 40% even when the door is open. So the first thing i noticed was super dark leaves(high N) and i noticed burnt tips. Also Thought I might have bugs so i sprayed them really well with green cleaner twice. There transition from his established grow room to me has been rough:/ Using cal mag silicone and tapping roots with one watering and using floranova on the next(alternating). Also just started playing around with superthrive as they say it helps tons of plants issues. (10 drops in 5 gallons once, next i plan to cut that in half. Plants showed signs of heat stress, potassium deficiency, root rot, and light burn. ( could all be the same issue.) Meaning I noticed burnt tips and edges, spotting yellow foul smells until i started hydroguard, and saggy leaves.I've since started using hydroguard for the root rot, and watering every 3/4 days. QUESTION..Please help. NEW GROWTH IS wilting, SHRIVELING AND TWISTING SEE PIC[​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Update: I'm thinking I could have an over watering issue as the leaves are Kind of droopy. Leaves continue to curl twist and shrivel...

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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. What's the ph of the solution your feeding them with. Could your alternated waterings send them off tune?
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  5. I'm a poolguy so I'm a freak with perfection and I generally get nuts almost exactly 6.0. Tested the soil today and both were 5.9/6.0. I should mention when I got them from this guy two weeks ago the soil pH was 4.5 and not only until this week did I get it to 6.0. BTW Ty for your response!:) I called the guy and he said I sprayed to much green cleaner on the leave and need to spray them down with clean PhD water. He thinks that why the leaves are twisted and shriveling.

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  6. Sounds like you've almost got it under control so. Maybe your still just seeing the signs of that spell of low ph and hot spray .
    Hopefully they perk up soon
  7. Thanks I'll post an update in a couple weeks. Start my journal when I take the clones in a couple weeks

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  8. 10 days later and plants are producing huge beautiful blemish free leaves, and has grown almost 4". Lower level of old growth still has blemishes from before but that won't heal;). Going to wait another week before cloning and starting my journal. Hope to see you there.

    I believe the answer to this thread was green cleaner was used to strong/often(shriveling), and soil pH was wack leaves blemishes yellowing spotting

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