Help New Seedlings (2-3)Days Old Disappearing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Brwnidgrl79, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Just started indoor growing, planted germinated seed, the night they sprouted out something eat the leaves. I go in to put on my lights and they are gone just small stem lying in cup. This is the second time it's happened, the first time the plant was about a week old.can anybody suggest what it could be or what to do?
  2. Could you post some pictures? Would there be slugs in that area by any chance? Slugs will eat plants and can kill a sprout quickly.
  3. Slugs were my first thought too. Get some sluggo. It's organic snail bate. Diatomacious earth would be another great option. It will kill pretty much anything that crawls through it. That should get you through the seedling stage. When the plants are bigger you should spray neem or another organic pesticide to prevent more damage. Good luck.
  4. pics and what kinda of soil?
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    There was nothing left to take pic of and I used an organic starter soil. At midnight last nite when I turned off my lights they where there and fine, at 6am nothing just small piece of stem. They were only 3 days old, just yesterday morning with first leaves. Could it be a mouse?
  6. Same shit happened to my seedling I left for work with it sprouted and the shell still attached with the little bulb at the end of the stem I get home then seed fell off and the bulb part of seedling was go e just the taproot :(

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    Start them off inside under just a couple of daylight cfl`s till their about 3-4 inches tall then plant them outside. You can surround your plants with sand, crushed egg shell or copper strips sold at nurserys to keep snails and slugs from eating them. Slugs and snails do not like to crawl over sand and the broken crushed egg shells like the coper strips cut them up.
  8. I had a mouse annihilate a batch of seedlings once.
    probably ate one, then got the munchies!
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  10. I solved that with a bunch of sticky traps. Got him the next night.
  11. have you got a cat or dog as they like to eat csnnabis plants

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