HELP! New Closet Grow Planned!

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    Howdy, all!

    First of all, this site is just a wealth of knowledge, but so much so that I need youse guys help for my project:

    Weeks ago, I was surfing online investigating LED light sources for a movie poster box I had been planning on building, and accidentally found this forum...and got hooked...Truthfully, I haven't partaken in years, but, well, I needed a project anyway, y'know?

    I looked at all the tools I had recently bought and thought "Wow! A movie poster box is so LAME when I look what's been going on here!"


    Today I converted an unused 27"x32"x8' closet to prep for a grow experiment. Being a handy guy, I installed an electrical outlet in it after I cleaned it out, and then ordered the mylar to line it. I plan on dividing into 2 - 4 ft chambers, top and bottom.

    Like I said, this is an I ordered the TRI-Band Illuminator UFO LED Grow Light, and plan on supplementing it with a couple of additional LED light bulbs (if necessary). The whole point is to reduce the electrical bill and go green, pun fully intended. (If this doesn't work out well, then I will just go with HPS later. Like I said before, it's an experiment) I did a LOT of investigation with regards to LED lighting prior to this decision, and the theory makes a lot of sense...reduce the wasted heat produced and concentrate on the wavelengths of light that the plants can use. (I wouldn't have purchased the original UFO, because the red spectrum was all wrong. I've got an advanced science degree, and still see some flaws in LEDs...especially spectrum-wise. But what the hell, right?)

    Anyway, this is your chance to live vicariously through me, because I need some help with the rest of it.

    After what I've read here and at 420, I'm going to go hydro ScrOG, doing the 12/12 from seed.

    First of all, I need the system. I really don't want to spend a weekend converting the closet and a month to build my own hydro, plugging leaks and guessing, so a small turnkey would be just fine for me. I've been looking at this:

    Rainforest 236 Modular Thirty-six 2'' Site Aeroponics System

    While I would never use this to try to grow a full-height, mature plant, I'm thinking that it might work great for the 12/12, especially since I can get the light right down on it, and both are spherical in nature. Also, for ScrOG 12/12, maximizing the number of plants is DEFINITELY important.

    Other than "build your own", does anyone have a better suggestion? While I am certainly not made of money, I make a good paycheck and can easily afford a great small system.

    Secondly, let's talk seeds. For ScrOG 12/12, shorter plants with shorter flowering times and fatter buds would be the best. I was thinking that Kush might be perfect, but again, relying on the advice of more experienced and knowledgeable people than myself, what do you think? Is there a better plant for this approach? (Of course, strength of product is also of prime consideration as well.) Also, where's a good reliable place to get GREAT seeds?

    I don't want all feminized seeds for the first growth because I intend to use the initial crop to manufacture seeds as well. (I don't think I want to buy 36 feminized seeds every 8 weeks, from the prices I've seen.) After that, I'll only pull the males when I get short on seed.

    Also, if the first experiment is successful, then the top closet chamber will get the business as well. If not, I'll fix the problems and try again. I might clone later on down the line, but keeping a mother might be impractical/impossible. Can you keep cloning from clones successfully?

    Essentially, I am trying to work out as many bugs and start as optimally as possible. After reading some of the horror stories, I know better than to think I know better.

    So, if you "old timers" could help a brother out, I promise to report back regularly with progress news and pics once I start. And I want to get started ASAP! :)

    Please feel free to send me links to articles which will answer my questions as well. I've read so many already, and sometimes the data conflicts. I can't keep it all straight. I'll need only the best advice, from seed to harvest.

    Wow. If you've read this far, you deserve a frikkin' medal! Thanks!

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