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  1. Last summer me and my friends tryed growing. we got a plant about 2 1/2 feet tall then we tried putting it in the ground out of a pot and it died:((((. well next summer we are going to try our luck again and hope it works.... the only thing.. we dont know how to grow... i know it would take someone forever to type something for me so is there a url that would tell me what i need to know about growing.. like how to clone, make them have sex, making them grow properly...etc.. whatever i need to know to get some smokable shit. and also.. will planting some seeds in a pot and watering everyday produce a plant that will make buds we can smoke or is it much more complicated.. i have been looking around this forum and from the looks of things it seems it is much more difficult. I dont even know what u guys are talking about half the time... and also i live in illinois so summer is hot and humid and we gonna grow outside so how much time in the sun and all that good info would be much appreciated, thank you.
  2. Well, it isn't all that difficult

    Plant a seed inside (springtime :p), let it grow till you think its strong enough to survive in nature. a bright window should do the trick.

    Well, the only things you have to pay attention for, are:

    1. enough sunlight (not in the bushes or a forest, duh :rolleyes:
    2. Away from human contact, if you're not planting him/her in your garden...
    but remember, once in full ground never repot :!:

    Keep your plant at the last 3 weeks in flowerseason away from heavy rainfall, and watch out for Budrot :/

    That's how I do it

    grtz El_funt
  3. heh... plz more people reply i need some help on growing.

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