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Discussion in 'General' started by GotHeadies?, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. hey its currently the 14th of april and i have a drug test on the 17th for probation. i know its so uncertain with THC but i bought some Zydot detox and i know that the test is a urine test using quick screen pro 5. I plan on doing a walgreens drug test prior to my deadline (after i take my detox).
    but does anyone know anything about how certain the detox could be?? i smoked about 5 days ago and weigh 175. i dunno im just stressin' any help would be much appreciated thanks. :confused:

    Here are the links to my detox, drug test, and warm up drug test (in that order)
  2. Niacin?

    Works for my homie everytime. Not fun being on them but they work.

    He'll eat 5-6 of the day before and some the day of and smoke 1-3 days before taking and pass probation tests everytime.

    You can buy the shit at GNC or any supplement store like it.
  3. just dont get time release niacin, and yeah take 1000-2000mgs a day


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