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  1. got a horrible phone call from my flat mate today. I live above a shop and they recently had a leak so they had a surveyor come and have a look.

    He knocked on the door and asked to come in. But flat mate tried to say no but he insisted and being female and intimidated, she let him in.

    He walked into my room and took some photos of the house and ceilings etc. Then opened my cupboard... With my very smelly, harvest ready New York City diesel plant sat under 2 lights. Took a photo and left.

    Now I rushed home and removed the plant and all other incriminating evidence.

    My question is, if the police come knocking. What do I do?

    I have no cannabis in the house but he has a photo as proof that I had a plant. It was only a single plant with maybe 20/25g on.

    Do I let them in or wait until they have a warrant?

    What would they do if it went to court and they could prove that I was growing with the photo?

    Can my landlord chuck me out? I've never missed rent payments and always been compliant.

    I'm a casual smoker and use it to help with medical conditions that can be proved by a doctor. Is this any use at all if they try to prosecute?

    All comments welcome

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  2. Deny everything, regardless of photo. Chances are, with one plant and no evidence, you aren't the law's highest priority, but as for your landlord .... good luck.
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    They probably won't go through the trouble of going to court. And if its not there now, how can they prove it's your cupboard unless it's a picture of the whole room with the cupboard open showing the plant? Good luck anyway. Edit: Also depends on your state if U.S.A, some states are stricter then others. Some couldn't care less over smoking a plant, others will arrest you over smoking a small joint.
  4. Oh and if they have sufficient evidence to either put you away or fine you, don't deny it plead guilty since you get a not as harsh punishment :)
  5. No evidence besides a picture?

    You should be fine.

    Deny everything, a picture is not substantial enough for prosecution to move forward.

    Even if he brings the pic to the cops, that picture was taken without warrant, and would not be admissible in a court of law.

    So, just relax maybe refrain from smoking in the residence for a while , and refrain from having any weed in the house.
    As far as the landlord...

    Sounds like you have a good rapport with him, as long as there is no physical evidence or damage to the property, you SHOULD be okay.
    Most landlords are extremely grateful to have tenants that pay their rent on time, and don't trash the property...

    So kicking you out would most likely be a burden on him to find a new renter.
    Good luck either way, but you should be fine.

    What kind of "shop" do you live above? Where a surveyor can just come into your residence and start rummaging through your cupboards?
  6. Dude, chill. It's not a problem until it's a problem. You removed all cannabis from the area, so unless anyone has pictures of your plant with you in them, you're fine. That is, at least as far as the law goes. I don't know your landlord, but being a landlord myself, I know I wouldn't trip on it. It's one plant and good renters are hard to find.

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  7. Just keep calm, be smart, and I'm sure you will get the situation comfortably under control.

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  8. Hi, what happened in the end?
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