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  1. Hello, Ai planted 3 white widow autoflower seeds on 3rd May (92 days) Itwo plants dies quite early on (the seeds have been replaced by RQS) my third plant looked really good throughout the grow. Although it never really started to dust up. It's now week 12 of flowing and although a few trichromes have become cloudy it just looks very cabbage like and doesn't smell. This picture was taken 3 days ago. Humidity becomes a problem at night but it it's quite frustrating. I used coco soil and Canna A and Canna B nuits. I have added Ionic ok boost for the last 4 weeks. Is all lost, should I keep it growing or just cut losses and start again. I have one 1 x 3 m tent. Carbon filter. 1 air intake and a fan. Any help will be very much appreciated.

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  2. Well, have you checked the trichs with a loupe? Maybe they are just tiny. I know that some autoflowers produce small trichs. Could it be a low thc, high cbd stain? Keep it going. Lots of white pistils still, so it's still growing
  3. Thank you. It's great to get a quick response. It's a white widow autoflower, so I was expecting a heavy icing sugar like dusting

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  4. Sorry I missed the first part of your reply. Yeah I have a microscope from Amazon. There are some, just not as much as I would expect from other pictures of the strain

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  5. Patience. last 3 weeks is 1/3 of weight and 15% amber is the harvest trigger. (IMHO)
  6. Thanks for the reply. Would you not be worried about the time already taken?

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  7. if its auto flower you don't really know when it started flowering right? I don't grow auto's personally, but from what I understand they flip automatically (hence the name) so are you saying its been growing for 12 weeks? By the pics I would guess thats probably the case. Which means you should be getting into that window. As far as trichoms and the dusting...a lot of that is in the breed of plant. And some of it depends on your environment. The lower the humidity during flowering, the more trichome production occurs because thats natures way of protecting the plant.
    Keep an eye on the trichomes. I harvest when they are almost all milky with just a little bit of amber.
  8. Thanks for the response. Yeah I germinated it on the 3rd May. Your advice makes sense as the humidity seems to go through the roof over night. I'm gonna use some natural tricks (as it's only the one plant in there) like baking soda in a plate. I think I expected it to be looking like the end of product by now..although I'm very much a beginner. Your help is very much appreciated. Any tips are welcome

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  9. yeah humidity is tricky. Especially when they are flowering. They need lower humidity, towards 40% to keep the bud rot at bay. Otherwise with high humidity if there isn't great air movement you could have some major issues.
  10. This is the most recent picture. The first one was 4 days ago

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  11. 15% amber?, whats the diffince to say 30-40% amber?
  12. 15% amber?, whats the difference to say 30-40% amber?
  13. You start getting to the 50%+ amber mark and your buds will probably start to deteriorate as they will be overripening. Cloudy is peak thc amber is more couchlock... the more amber the less head high and more of a bodyhigh it becomes. 15-30% amber tends to be a good mark... however some will harvest with just a few amber showing and mostly cloudy.. just up to person preference.

    You can always do a staggered harvest and let it some buds ripen more than others to see what you prefer or if you can even tell a difference.

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  14. If 15% amber than 70% cloudy for peak actives. 40% degrade to CNB and sleepytown instead of psychedelic.
  15. I'm thinking about pulling tonight. It looks a lot bigger in the picture than in real life

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