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  1. im planning to have a hyroponics setup but i need to understand some things before i jump into the process. im planning to make 2 "bubble buckets" based on the sticky and was wondering how many seeds go into the each mesh bucket and what light do you think would be best suitable(400hps or 600 hps?? is maintaining co2 levels critical in only 2 plants? i plan on gettin tds and ph sensors for each bucket and getting everything needed but im concerned mostly in the care and attention its gonna need. im pretty busy most of the day and wouldnt be able to attend the girls when the ph levels drop or rise in any given situation. how much attention do you think would be needed to tend to these plants? and how often to you have to drain and refill with new water and nutrients? whats RO and ANand hyrdro nutes?? whats the best nutrients i can use to produce the best crops and the most amount? all input is greatly apprecieated. thanks in advance.
  2. Sounds like your asking for a grow guide? I seen lots posted here on this forum.

    Seed don't go into the mesh baksets (they will fall through).

    If you want to do your first grow in bubble-buckets, then I would recommend reading every single question and answer in that "Sticky" about bucket building. After reading all that, your eyes will hurt, but you will be some what of an expert in DWC growing.

    My advice is the same for all first time growers: Fill the buckets with good soil not water. Grow a few crops in soil, in order to get the kinks out of your grow space and learn how to care for cannabis.
    Not only will you learn a lot about growing weed in your first few grows, but you might end up with some good smoke as well.

    Read up on DWC while your growing in dirt. It is the best way.

    Hydro grows need lots of care. Any half hearted attempt will yeild stinky water and an empty bank account.
  3. how many plants can one bubble basket hold?
  4. The buckets I build only hold one plant.

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