Help need info Varicocele and weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Chillin787, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Hey guys just got the progno from doc.... Varicocele anyone know if weed affects it? I just bought some blue dream oil and Im worried it will make it worse.. Any advice?
  2. Varicocele: Varicose veins on your scrotum.

    Sounds like a troll thread.
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  3. The bridge toll water is brown.
  4. Actually a variocele is a sac of liquid in your scrotum and no it would be fine haha
  5. Kool. I kept reading it hurts when people smoke and i figured vaping is different right?
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  6. So anyone has had this varicocele? First time this happens to me. I have Ptsd and insomnia and I use the oil to help me but im worried it might end up messing me up.
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  7. hey, i know everybody thinks it’s a troll but I just had a radiological intervention for Varicocele and I know that weed has some effect on blood pressure and overall circulation. as a varicocele is a leaky valve that allows blood to pool, i know there is a direct link between being high and short term worsening of the conditioning.
  8. It lowers your blood pressure and decreases your blood circulation.

    Eat a big bowl of veggie soup or an absurd amount of leafy greens. They have vitamin k and that should offset the bad effects of smoking. Exercise is good too.

    Btw, this thread was from 2 years ago.

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