HELP Need help identifying electronic box in woods

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TwiztidToker24, May 14, 2011.

  1. I was looking for a spot and found a box attached to a tree by a bunjee cord. It had a clear screen with what looked to be rows of small light bulbs behind it. It was about the size of It was square and about the size of my head (haha couldn't think of anything else im pretty gone). It was about two feet off the ground. What could this be
  2. It is a scouting cam for hunting. You are now on camera.

  3. haha agree you should have smiled dont try to put any pot out there you will a be screwed by the cops b harvest stolen
  4. Haha could it really be a scouting camera? If so who the hell uses that shit?
    I wasn't gonna put plants like right next to it but i was thinking like a few hundred feet away where its not visible.
  5. why would you chance it at all? 4 months of hard work, just to get stolen or possible jail time. Time to bail, and never return to that spot again.
  6. yea i aggre u need to find the all around perfect spot no matter how long it takes
    and that probly means you in a hunting zone if theres a cam

  7. many hunters nowadays use that so they can learn the patterns of deer or whatever they are hunting
  8. Yea you are on camera now lol. Find a spot far away from there. Don't go to any hunting grounds. If you do a little research on the Fish and wildlife website you will learn where the animals graze and what kind of paths they travel on.
  9. If your looking 2 grow on someone elses land make sure you look ahead of you and 2 the sides on the trees. Most hunter are using them now days as they are so much cheaper now. Even regular folks are putting them up as a cheap security system. I would not go anywhere near there since you are probly on his sd card cause I bet the camera saw you first. Here's some advice stay away from area that have deer stands near them, heavy farm traffic, and walking trails.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, yeah this spot seemed perfect. Deep in the woods with enough light and vegetation to kinda hide it. However there was a tree stand not too far away and also that trail cam. Im debating on finding another spot near there or close to my house which is sketchy for me.
  11. It's a homing device for UFO'S,
  12. You shouldn't still be debating this. Their are deer stands, cameras, etc so its not safe. There has got to be somewhere else you can plant them beauty queens.
  13. If i were you i would take the sd card out of that hunting camera

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