help naming my piece

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  1. Just got a flaccid penor size blue and white candy cane style striped glass spoon.

    wow that was like 20 adjectives lmao

    what should I name her?

    I was thinking
    Blazed Blue (play on Blazblue)
    Arcticus (reminds me of like blizzard or snow, ice haven, cuz of blue/white combination)
  2. [​IMG]

    here she is. cheap and small but good. at least it's glass, that's good enough for me haha
  3. articus would be cool. or articuno.

  4. shit yea. thanks for the suggestion.

    haha it does contrast nicely with the idea of weed burning huh?

    fire and ice :)
  5. i had a 6"in grommet bong that had a similar color scheme and I named it riptide

  6. sexy name
  7. Haha yes it is! I've always wanted to name a pipe that, but I haven't bought a new piece since I thought of it
    Or, If you wanna piss of George Costanza you can name it Seven :smoke:
  8. idk if you'd like it, but Id name it Poseidon. I used to have a grey and yellow bowl named Zeus XD

  9. nice. greek gods ftw
  10. Jingle Bowls, Frosty, I can't think of anything good :p
  11. arcticus without a doubt
  12. I like Arcticus. Are you a Pokemon fan? Articuno~

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