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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. I have a marketing/advertising class that I'm in. The first 10 weeks is almost over and at the end we need to have a product with a name and all this other crap. The target market for the product is 14-19 year olds. My idea was "Holy Crap!" Cola. It's like Red Bull and Coke mixed, but with different flavors. It has a crapload of caffeine, and all those "smart' herbal kinda things that RedBull has. Anyways, my teacher said that I couldn't use the name "Holy Crap!" Cola because it was offensive. So I handed out surveys to kids in my target market range asking them a bunch of questions including "Is the name 'Holy Crap!' Cola offensive to you in any way. If yes, why?" Nobody I asked was offended by it. My teacher still wouldn't lemme use it. Then I brought to his attention Whoop Ass Cola, which is a real product made by Jones Soda (I think....). He still wouldn't let me use it. So now I need a cool name, but I still want it to be funny. Everybody in my class seemed to like the name, but my asshole teacher is being completely irrational about it. He's obviously ignoring a very basic rule of marketing: give the consumer what they want..... and they want HOLY CRAP COLA, damnit!

    So ya, any ideas would be helpful. I've been stumped, and every idea I've come up with he's shot down, just cause he's a major asspirate.....
  2. I don't wanna name it just THC. Maybe having the TH stand for something and the C is for cola.....
  3. The Herbal Cola!
  4. Just call it "NYAAAH!" like the noise that tweak makes. If you ever have to refer to it then scream the name like some crazy bastard. Either that or Coke-aine. Personally I like "NYAAAAAH!"
  5. Totally Hydroponic Cola?
    pun intended.

    Red bull and coke eh?

    coulda picked something simpler like Jolt and Coke, just call it Joke or Joke-a Cola... or Jolke...haha

    Edit- if you wanna keep "Holy Crap!"
    Consecrated Jazz and Pure Craziness are made from words that are Synonyms to Holy and Crap.
    And I'm pretty sure they aren't used.

    Or even Consecrated Craziness, Righteous Fantasy and many others also fall into the synonyms for but as seperate words...
    Bull is also a synonym for Crap...makes all the people saying "Bullcrap" kinda silly-looking doesn't it? :p
    So red bull also means... Copper Crap. (or Burgundy Crap if you want to get more technical)

    If you dont like those, go to and search for more synonyms.
  6. a friend and i had to come up w/ a product and design the logo and box for it for art class senior year of high school. we wanted to do 'Jeez-its' but we went to a catholic school and the teacher said no :(

    they were shaped like little communion hosts, but orange like cheezits.

    the slogan: They're Sacrilicious!


  8. hahaha dude thats classic..."Jeez-its"
  9. Didn't some comedian dude do that Jeezits thing on standup. I saw it on Comedy Central, but I don't remember what his name was.....
  10. Yeah, he did... but whatever... still funny...

    Definately THC!!

    The Herbal Cola
    Teledyne Hydrodynamic Cola (if you're feeling techy)
    Or the cool catch phrase T ime to H ave some C ola!
    Tricky's Healthy Cola!
    Totally Hyper Caffine

    Or whatever...
  11. make it real syrupy, call it THiC...

    hahah, i dunno.

  12. wtf, my friend told me he thought of it. oh well, i haven't even seen that kid since graduation day. fuck it.

  13. Dr Krapps old tyme wake up syrup!

    haha sorry.

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