Help!!! My leaves are turning yellow

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  1. My leaves are turning yellow from the bottom up. They are about three weeks old. I have been flushing for two days and not over watering. Got a new light so I don't know if that has to do with anything? Over the last 3-4 days its gotten worse.

    Any advice??? Help is appreciate!
  2. Pics taken under natural lighting are always nice when you're having issues with a plant. say you're flushing for a couple of days now. Is your plant ready to harvest and you're doing a final flush? If so, then yellowing of the leaves is what you're looking for. The plant near the end of the flower cycle begins to use the sugars it's had stored in the leaves as energy to go toward production of buds. So you'll have a shedding of sorts that usually starts during the last few weeks of flower and most of the larger foliage will die away and means nothing.

    If you are flushing your plant and it's not that time in it's life, why? When you flush a plant, you wash out all the nutrition in the soil. If a plant has no nutrition (food...nutes), it's hungry and starts using the sugars in the leaves to sustain itself.

    So basically, you need to tell us what is going on with your plant. We can make a call then, but it's just guessing until you give us some detail about what you have going. TWW
  3. I have two grand daddy purples, one purple chem, a blackdog, and a dj short blueberry. They are about 3 weeks old. About a week and a half ago it started to yellow from the bottom leaves and its now spreading to the secondary leaves. I need to stop this as soon as I can. Been feeding it fox farms veg which has a lot of nitrogen in it. I gave a flush and am going to give it another flush. From this point I would need your help.
    Thanks so much. Sorry I forgot the pictures the first time.

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  4. Sent some pics
  5. Hey man how much of the FF nutes you giving? I wouldn't be giving more than 2mL/gal if any! Looks like too much for the small plants and they can't take it...maybe look into replanting those into bigger pots? They Look to be getting big for solos. Just some options good luck bro.

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  6. Ya thanks there going in bigger pot as we tomorrow cheers.not gunna give any the next 2 after that have to they will need them.

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