Help!!!!!!! my flowers!!!

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  1. they are 2 monthes old, 3 weeks before harvest...
    its 30-32 degrees in light time and 25-28 degrees in dark time.
    the leaves are getting brown yellow and dry.
    uploded the pictures below. i dont know if its heat problem, or over nutrition,
    im using Biobizz following the chart that the company provides.

    what do u think?
    its Urgent!!!!

    thank u all!

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  2. im about 4-5 weeks from harvest .. and my BIG leafs are getting yellow, but thats normal people say ..

    did you recently over-feed em at all ?
    anything change lately?
  3. i didnt over feed more than the char is saying,
    but because of the high temprature i must water one a day.
    so maybe because im giving them one a day water with nute its too much,
    i really not sure,
    i thought that maybe the pics would tell what the problem is,
    its not that the leaves are yellow, they are getting dry and dead from the tip and then the rest of the leaf.
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    You kind of need to set your own schedule for nutes, and your heat it to high. Way to high. 78 is the target, 86 is the Max man. Then you have UV damage. Your big leaves aren't all supposed to go yellow, just the ones that don't get light. The ones on the bottom should show yellow before all the rest. This is also an indication of needing nutes.

    It doens't look like burn, but sounds like heat stress and phosphorus deficiency. Although without closer pictures on lower branches and individual leaves you could be over feeding as well.

    Do you have ventilation in that closet?

    Nitrogen also shows yellow.

  5. You shouldn't be watering with nutrients every single time. You should also start at 1/2 of the recommended dosage, see how the plants take it.

    Looks like nute burn to me.
  6. The heat is killing u man, I'm on the same boat right now...
  7. How high can i rise the Hps its 60 cm from the Scrog,
    the light focus is not the best that i can get?
    to get it higher for the heat?
    or to live it like this?
    will they survive?
    31 Degrees in flowering?
  8. I have the same question. What will the drawbacks be?

  9. another ques:
    to cut off all the dead brown leaves?
    what about the half brown leaves?
  10. Looks like your over doin it with the ferts.with the higher temps the plants are useing more water and less food.Flush the shit outta them then try only feeding them once a week.
  11. i dont think you should mess with the leaves on them.
    even tho they are dying i THINK the plant will take in the nutrients of whats left in those leaves. i would just let them fall off on their own
  12. Remove the dead leaves, leave 1 or two maybe as the plant uses those as a dumpster if over-fertilized. It's up to you if you gonna leave the half dead ones, I'd say leave them on, they might contribute a bit. Im currently moving my plants to a new room with air conditioner, will post pics in my grow journal soon.

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