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Discussion in 'General' started by IMME, May 25, 2009.

  1. I was walking my dog a couple nights ago and I accidently let him lick a liquid stain in the street that I'm assuming was transmission fluid...I have been thinking about it since and today my dog threw up a little bit and started gagging...I hope hes gonna be alright, I might take him to the vet in a couple hours if he gags anymore. But right now he looks alright kind of, a little weak but hopefully its just a phase

    Has anyone ever walked there dog and then noticed they were licking a spilled substance, or seen their dog lick transmission fluid? I want to know what happened

    My dog was licking it for like 3 seconds...I hope this isnt enough to do anything other than what already happened
  2. if after 2-3 days he is still alive, I would assume that he will be alright, but he might just have it in his system and has to wait another day or 2 to get it out. This is by no means a professional statement, but if it really was affecting him that badly, he would have thrown up sooner, it wouldnt have just got to his stomach or been processed.
  3. take him to the vet! or maybe call poison control maybe you can give him something
  4. honestly, you should at least CALL your vet and ask their opinion, chances are they will have you take him in and then charge you a whole bunch to tell you hes going to be fine and just give him lots of water...
    if he was going to be poisoned from tran-fluid he wouldve already been dead from it

    just keep him in a cool spot and offer a LOT of water, if he stops drinking or eating THEN take him to the vet
  5. it probably wasn't transmission fluid, my dog has never appeared interested in tranny fluid but has attempted to lick the floor after i did the water pump in my car.

    engine coolant/antifreeze has a "sweet" smell, so dogs are naturally curious of it.
    thats what i would place my bet on.

    but get on it, take the dog to the vet's, i had a dog that got into some and got sick, got a little better, than died.
  6. cats die ALL THE TIME from drinking antifreeze off the road

    it has a sweet taste, apparently
  7. If it's a good sized dog he'll probably be fine, just let him eat some grass.
  8. Get him to the Vet.....

    It probably wasn't trans fluid......Animals aren't attracted to trans fluid, but if it was anti-freeze, which has a sweet smell and taste that animals are extremely attracted to, he might be suffering the onset of ethylene-glycol poisoning. Trust me......that's bad.
  9. I doubt 3 seconds of licking at antifreeze would be enough to kill a full grown dog. That usually happens if they get into your garage and get into a big mess of it and get a lot in their system.

    I'm no professional OP and if you think it would be better to run to the vet then by all means, but if it were me and my dog seemed alright aside from a little of what you said, I'd probably not goto the vet.
  10. hows he doing now? if your not stingey on money id say def take him to the vet. chemicals arent anything to fuck with. i work on my car and dirtbike a lot and ive witnessed the curiosity of dogs with antifreeze. now i just put them inside so wont get into it when im not looking. my mom like freaks the fuck out when our dogs get within a 50 foot radius of anything that could possibly be antifreeze haha
  11. ROFL

    yeah, just give him some water and grass, i'm sure that'll cure transmission/antifreeze poisoning or whatever is making your dog throw up.
  12. Just got a # of the ASPCA website, i guess its the ASPCA pet poison control hotline
    (888) 426-4435.
  13. I always keep plants with HUGE HUGE leaves on them.

    Whenever my dog gets sick, he munches ON THEM AND HE IS LIKE SUPER PRO AND IM ALL LIKKE YEEEE.

    Well. He eats them, and then he throws up. Better than him being sick IMO.
  14. So, basiccaly you make your dog vomit???

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