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HELP My Cannabutter tastes like ASS

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by IJustCame, Jul 12, 2010.

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    what can i do to make it taste better? i feel as if i put it on like toast itll just make really shitty toast so i think i may gulp it real quick and chase it with soda?

    any ideas?
  2. anything that has butter in it bake it into that.
  3. so like make it taste less shitty by putting more butter in already butter containing food?

  4. He means like make brownies or cookies with it. So the chocolate or whatever covers the taste. You don't even need regular butter just the cannabutter.
  5. spread it on toast and melt some cheese on top

    i lold when i read that
  6. Cannabutter is tolerable on rye toast or an everything bagel with some janes crazy mixed up salt.

    You should just make cookies though. Get the chocolate chips in the bag, they have the recipe your mom probably used:)
  7. If you're making toast, after spreading the cannabutter, sprinkle some sugar to taste and it'd taste pretty good.
  8. Put it in a milkshake! That would probably taste really good!
  9. I've got 160 grams of leaf on the burner right now with a couple sticks of butter.

    Can't wait to get home!
  10. bump: i got some but it taste like shit, I dont feel like baking because most of the time I fuck up and ruin it. Anyone know something that can overwhelm the ass taste of canna butter?
  11. You could always melt the butter down and mix in some honey. This lady i use to work with would always make honey butter and bring it in. it was the shit btw
  12. thats not a bad idea..wow

    I never thought of it like that, can i freeze the honey butter after and then eat it?
  13. I would recommend a pretty simple approach.

    Place the butter into a saucepan, and pour in enough water to cover it. Place the pan over medium heat, and allow it to become hot. Allow the butter to melt. Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes on a low heat. Pour the water/butter mixture into a ceramic or glass bowl, and allow it to cool. Place in the refrigerator until ALL butter is solid.

    Poke a hole in the solid butter, and pour out the liquid water. Pour it through a colander if you must, you don't want to lose the butter in the sink!

    Most of the chlorophyl, excess fertilizers, etc. will come out with the water, and your butter will be both somewhat cleaner, and better tasting!

  14. Make it an espresso shot. Mix it with some double-brewed coffee WITH instant crystals in it. Sick caffeine buzz in itself, but strong coffee is one of the strongest flavors out there.
  15. great idea thanks
  16. toast, butter and jam.
    waffles, pancakes
    ramen noodles (drain all the water, melt the butter and mix the seasoning)
  17. try using better quality NUGS instead of shake or trimmings.
    make two different kinds, you savory butter, and your sweet butter add sugar and/or cinnamon/brown sugar/vanilla WHATEVER you want,
    for the savory add some flavors depending on what your making.
    use a better quality whole butter made from cream instead of oil [look on the back of the boxes like 1/5 of butters are actually BUTTER.]
    find some extracts such as glycerin or something that you dont smoke and substitute some of that for the actual herb.
    make sure whatever weed your using tastes and smells good. your butters only as good as the starting point.
    hope it helps a little:] GOODLUCKKK:]
  18. no, if you wanna put your weed in coffe, dont use butter, get a high fat content heavy whipping cream and put that in a crockpot on with the herb just how you would with butter:] then you can make icecream,coffecreamer,milkshakes,yogurt,WHIPPEDCREAM!!!! AAAAAA I LOVE IT<3
  19. My butter tasted fucking horrible for years before i started purging the bud in water before cooking.

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