Help ! My bottem leaves are turning yellow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by waytoofastvette, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. So this is my first grow ever and im kinda confused on this one. The plants are growing great but the tips of the very bottem leaves are turning yellow and wilting ?

    I just checked my ph and its at 7 ?? Is that to high and if so how would i go about bringing it down?
    Anyways any sudjestions would be great. Im watering them about every other day
  2. Have you fed the plant yet?
    What kind of soil are you using?
    What type of lights?
    6.8 is perfect PH 7.0 is probably ok
    I am guessing N deficient but, I need above questions answered to be sure

  3. I havent given them any nutes yet. I didnt think i was really supposed to till i started it into flowering. I am useing a 400 watt hps about 19 inches from the plants. I have 5 of the six in miricle grow potting soil. It has there stupid time realease food :rolleyes: I just transplanted one into regular potting soil today
  4. i would say just cut them off if they get any worse, the plant is just using energy trying to heal it, which it wont, it could be used for more growth towards the top. those leaves dont matter too much to the plant, they usually die anyways, for me at least, and i pluck'em early.

  5. N deficiency and over fert look very similar. Your plants are starting to get over fertilized. Get them all out of there tomorrow and your crop will be able to survive. Oh, and check out this links as well:

  6. Do i have to get all the old dirt off the roots ? Or can i keep some of the old dirt with it so when i replant its not such a tramatic thing to the plant ?

    I knew i shouldnt have used miricle grow soil :devious:
  7. Try to get as much of the dirt off as you can without breaking any of the roots. Maybe running the roots under water might not be a bad idea.
  8. looks like overwatering

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