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  1. I went and read your journal and pretty much all I got was confused. You've got these different strains going and no two strains behave alike. I think, like most, you're WAY too nute happy too. The deal with giving nutes when you're doing a soil grow, is that they are meant to be started only after the plant has had an opportunity to use the nutes that are naturally in the soil. Now with hydro grows, you're constantly giving them from the very beginning because the water they grow in has nothing in it and the grower has to handle all the nutrition for the plant. Soil is not that way and even the stuff you buy off the shelf that says "organic" is loaded with slow release fertilizers. When you get a clone and pot it and water it in, do you have any idea how long it's going to be before that plant even begins to take in water...much less need extra nutes? A plant, once put into soil, immediately goes about building it's root system. The foliage will just pretty much sit there until this process is done to the plant's satisfaction. Once the root system is good, you will see the plant start to use water and the foliage begin to grow more vigorously. When I take clones and get them rooted and transplant them, they go into Solo cups because confining the root space takes the plant less time to get rooted in and back to growing foliage...which is what we're all going for. Though you never see them, the roots are the total brain of the operation with the plant. You've GOT to keep them happy or your plants will be a mess. It usually takes my clones about 5 or 6 days to get rooted in good in the cups and start to grow (as compared to 2, 3 or 4 times that long if I had put them into a huge container). They were put into fresh soil in the beginning...which has nutes in it, and will not need any for AWHILE in the veg stage. We pot up our clones when the plant itself has become larger (wider and taller) than the container it's in (starting with the cups). This is a good indicator that your plant is slightly root bound and that is what you want before each up pot. Pot up only one or two sizes in containers....confining the root space again here, and do the same thing and only giving the plants properly pH'd water (range of 6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows). If the pH of your water and any feed solution you mix is in the correct range going into your plants, then you don't have to fret about what the pH of the run off is. There is a specific way to measure the runoff pH and most people don't even know what that is, but in the years I've been doing this, I've found that if it's right going in, I don't have to worry about what's draining out the bottom of the pot. Continue this process until you get your plants in the size container you wish to flower them in. Doing the potting this way constantly provides the plant with fresh nutes from the fresh soil you repot into as the plants grow and you don't have drown your plants with chemicals...they don't need. Now the water thing...stop spending your money on expensive water to go in your plants. The water you've been using has been heavily filtered which means that vital micronutrients that the plants need, and anything else, has been filtered out. People who use water like this end up getting funky deficiencies that you don't typically see. Use tap water. If you're in EU, you'll need to let your water sit out for 24 hours for chlorine to evaporate. We don't have to do that in the US because chlorine isn't used for that anymore. We now use chloramine and there isn't enough of it in tap water to harm your plants nor does it evaporate. It also has the needed micronutrients in it your plants need. So just use tap water that has been pH'd to the right range. Don't know what you use to monitor/adjust pH with, but if you're, by chance, using one of those super cheapo pH pens off Ebay or Amazon for $12.99, immediately throw that thing away. Since pH is such an important part of the health of your roots, make sure what you're using to check and adjust it with is giving you true values. One of remotely decent quality will run you $60+. I bought a new Blue Lab pH pen the other day and it ran me about $80, but they are THE Cadillac when it comes to this stuff. Well worth it in my mind. It's fast and accurate every time. I got into some trouble with pH a few years ago trying to use one of those cheap pens. After a couple of months and my plants looked like they were falling apart, I realized that the thing hadn't given me a correct reading since it took it out of the box. Lesson learned. A good pH pen shouldn't be something you fret over spending money on either. Heck, you've spent tons of money already on lights and all that other stuff to grow with. But if you don't take the time to learn "how" to grow, the equipment does you no good. I've been a gardener all my life and growing these inside is done like nothing else I've ever grown before.

    If I were you, I would finish these out the best of my ability and then start over again with one plant of one strain. You've got to grow enoug to learn how to understand what they're telling you when problems arise. They will talk to you and tell you exactly what's going on, but you've got to have a good enough basic understanding of the plant and the process of growing it to be able to read what they're telling you. I also think you're trying to grow too many plants under the lighting that you have. Your plants are tall and spindly and lanky, which usually means they're not getting enough light and they're stretching to try to get closer to it. If you don't get more light around them, the buds will end up being that way too. More light equals bigger better buds. Two 300 watt LEDs (I think that's what you said you had) will grow off some seriously good buds. But you have to understand how many plants each light can actually support. The quality of the LEDs varies greatly as well. If you've purchased some lights that are the cheaper made ones, they're not going to do what the manufacturer said they would anyway. But those two lights you've got right there should flower off about 4 plants really nicely...3 would probably actually be better. You can harvest more from one plant that is healthy and getting everything it needs than you can from flowering 4 in the same space. Crowding creates heavy shading below the canopy and you get no development below a few inches. If they have enough room to grow and light provided to them, they will develop on down into the plant nicely too so your yield is much better per plant.

    I could sit here and tell you how to grow all day long. I type like the wind and could write you a book pretty quick, but the point is that all the information you need is already logged here on the forum. I suggest you go to the new grower threads and read there for awhile. There are several posts designed for new growers that contain the very basics that all growers should know before they plant a seed or start a clone. Most don't and end up with problems they can't identify or solve. Go back and re-educate yourself and make sure you're not confusing hydro stats with soil stats....because they are totally different. Good luck! TWW
  2. First off thank you TWW. I appreciate the info and how much time you took. I love my girls, and while i consider myself a new grower, I do have some experience and years of research under my belt. But if i was sure, I wouldn't be here. I think you nailed it with pot size and watering times:

    Allow me to clear some things up and maybe we can refine the issue
    (I think is overwatering/small plant big pot).

    -currently using the drops to pH, I'm a pool guy and am pretty good at it.
    -I'm growing in Coco70%/Perlite30%. ( Just purchased more the contains basalt and 3% extras) but neither should come charged?**

    -The two Large plants you see, I've only had 6weeks and they are where the 5clones in the pic came from. My buddy gave them to me at 3'. That picture is right after a trim getting ready for taking more clones next week. (Money comes in I continue to build)

    -The grow space is a work in progress and I know I don't have enough light. That's the future flower tent(veg tent not built).

    I apologize my journal is unreable.

    But my question is on the Blue Dream Clones. That claw down/cupping down, I'm thinking is the pot size vs watering. However when Transplanted from 1 gallon pots to 5 gallon pots, I noticed the root structure was healthy and full so I wasn't worried about going 1-5. I think my mistake was to much water to early during and after the transplant.

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  3. Also what I've read/been told about Coco is optimal pH is 5.8-6.2 and to use a hydro Chart for feeding. My resent off pH feeding was to try and correct a pH problem in my Og Kush Mothers(large ones).

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  4. Note today I found 2" roots stocking out of the bottom of these pot holes. Thoughts

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  5. Btw this was NOT a soil grow, can you adjust your response to help be better please TWW

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