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  1. i have 3 plants and they are bout 3 weeks old and my problem is the heat in my place i have limited grow space and my plants are gettin to hot and they are starting to droop and shrivel a little. wat could i do to save them w/o using ac ne help would be much appreciated
  2. Fans, and turn the lights on at night since the temp will be lower
  3. the plants are between 10-12 inches tall right now and they r havin a hard time standin on thier own wouldnt alot of darkness be too much for them at this time and i have a fan on to help strenthgin their stalks
  4. If you are flowering them they need 12 hours light 12 hours dark. If they are in veg they need 18 hours light 6 hours dark. If they are having trouble standing on their own then my guess is that you did not have a fan on them since they were born. Keep the fan on 24/7 and they will strengthen. Do what Goosie said and have lights on during the evening and night time. Other than that get more ventilation and exhaust. That is the only way to cool them w/out A/C.
  5. im gonna put em on a new time schedule but do u think it would be too soon to start my flowering and ill leave the fan on 24/7 or wen would be a good time to sart flowering for best results
  6. Wait, what was your time schedule normally and what are you planning on switching it to? I'd wait until they are atleast 4 weeks old to start flowering, but if they can't stand up on their own, that's not good. Post pictures up of your plants if you can.
  7. They are mature enough for flower when they are about 12 inches tall (which is usually when they start to get alternading nodes).

    you need some fans man, if u set an intake an exuast up right you wont need to worry an more. if the plants are week sapport them with somthing. an u might wanna think about starting new plant all the old 1s might be male already becuase of the heat. set some fans up an get the temp to stay between 70-85, it might be hard at first but you'll get it. u might wanna think of getting some heat resistant glass to put under the lights or a cool tube then you'd be fine mafakooo.

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