help me with my 200w led 250w floro grow!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by liplayer101, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hey my fellow enthusiasts! I need a little help with my grow. I currently have 200 watts of led panels. The led's are 10mm. I also have 6 4 foot florescent tubes(cool white). There growing in a box i made myself. The box specs are 6'4 by 3'4 by 5 foot tall. I rescued 2 plants from a friends grow that where neglected. I believe there coming back to me little by little but i need your help. The 2 plants that need attetion are two sativa jack herer cross breeds. They have been flowering for one month. I transplanted them into coco husk with perlite, in three gallon containers. I am also feeding them a single stage chemical nuet's called liquid earth. Im feeding them very light due to there current condition. The tops of the flowers looked like they died and new flowers took thier place after i cut the dead growth off. Also every big leaf on the plant starts to turn yellow, and eventually crumble and die. I am using filtered water with a ph around 7. I also have 5 female desil ryder that are one month old. that seem to be doing pretty good because i started them from the begining myself. Im looking to pollinate one of the females to get seed's witch I will also need a little help with.

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