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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. how much is £25 in american money, i'm tryin to buy some shit n i'm on a tight budget so i need to make sure i can afford it before i put my money in the bank
  2. A quick google search will reveal your answer on the bearch.

    It's an idea of relitive simplicity, for a mind which can understand basic math.

    Good luck with your endevours, my thoughts are with you.
  3. EDIT: wrong conversion

  4. Euros, correct?

  5. what site you buyin from? check the sides by the margins, they might have a currency choice box that will convert for you
  6. i figured it out, i jus didnt know what exactly that sign was, n i'm buyin from some fish care place, they got 30% formaldehyde with low methanol content, hell yea i'm gone get fucked up, i've heard it doesnt work, i've heard alot more that it does, so i'm goin for it haha, i'll have a liter of it fuck yea, i could like dip cigarettes in it n sell em for 5 bucks n make 100 dollars off a pack of newports haha
  7. Can you explain the effect of smoking these laced ciggerettes. I would most likely never do this, but Im curious about this.
  8. Not's kind of like PCP.
  9. Resulting in death.
  10. you win
  11. wtf are you talking about? im on alot of painkillers right now but i still dont get it. your dipping cigs in something? :confused:

  12. fuck yea, this guy knows what i'm talkin about haha, n i love pcp so this will be key if it indeed works, i aint like soakin them bitches, i'ma dip it in and out n let it dry for a minute n go from there

    flower_child, do you know anyone personally whose done it n does it for sure work, cuz if it does thats sweet as hell
  13. The sign you posted intially was GB pounds.
  14. damnit yo, if its in gb pounds i'm fucked cuz i dont have that much dough, how u gonna shit on my parade like that haha
  15. Haha my bad bro just trying to look out for a blade.
  16. Yea. I have a friend who always loves to say "Man, one time I smoked a joint soaked in fomalahyde." He said it was pretty badass.
  17. ^^^ sweet, i also have a friend whose cousin worked at a funeral home n dipped a cigarette in embalming fluid every night before he left, so i think it'll work

    i managed to get an extra 10 bucks so i'm gettin like 5oz's of it, pimpin haha does that shit showup on rehab labratory tests? cuz those fuckers can test for robitussin even.
  18. It can and it does, but I don't think it stays in your system for more than 24-48 hours.

    If I'm wrong about how long it stays in your system, anyone can feel free to correct that.

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