Help Me With Choosing A Bong!!!

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  1. Hey all, Ive been looking at purchasing a new bong as I have gotten more dosh together :p

    I am looking for a set up with:
    * Beaker Base Bong
    * At Least One Percolator (Preferably Two)
    * Diffused Downstem
    * Percolated Ashcatcher
    * Carbon Filter
    * Good size punching or 'snapper' bowl

    I am currently looking at the GC shop but don't know if its the best value for money or if there are any better websites out there for me to look at. It seems pretty good though but if any of you blades have any better suggestions let me know.

    This is what I'm looking at now:






    Let me know what you think
  2. ^^ is straight tube or beaker bottom better iyo?
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    straight all day, everyday,but check this dirty peice of machinery out!!!
    Dont forget your 10% off for being a forum member.:p

    ive had that ashcatcher before and it was alright but not worth it. With the setup your looking at, is just asking for drag....
    bubbalicious + carbon filter and Ben Wilson Disc Diffused slide=WIN

    check out the slide here Ben Wilson

  4. that looks good but im wondering if its a better set up than the one im looking at due to the fact that it doesnt have a seperate percolator, this ones built into the stem so isn't it kind of the same as just having a diffused downstem?

  5. It is a diffused downstem but will be a lot smother and function so much better. this piece is a great piece and if you get a carbon filter and DD slide you will be happy with it.

  6. sorry a DD slide?

    what about the weedstar smellchecker?

    can someone please post a combination they think would be the best value for money roughly around $200-$250? cheers
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    Disc diffused slide by ben wilson.
    reduces drag and helps prevent cashing a blow early. Not sure if u could get one to down under but check online headshops if they ship to aus.

    get that combo bud, its the best bet, it seems like you want something "cool" for $250, functionality over form. But hell if you want 20 percs and 4 ash catchers, good luck:wave:
  8. Ive taken your recommendations into consideration and now Im looking really at the strongest glass possible whilst still being functional.

    Im looking at these two:

    and The Bubblicious.

    is it worth it two pay the extra $20 for 2mm thickness increase and the trade off of no diffused downstem/perc stem that the bubblicious has?

    does anyone else have any other suggestions, I am actaully totally and completely open to all suggestions

    the few guidelines that i have is

    * durability as I can't afford to keep buying new bongs due to constant breakages so 5mm+ thickness is preferable

    * smooth hits

    * 40cm+ height

  9. *bump plz
  10. get da blaze glass premium percolator looks cool as hell
  11. You should look into hitman glass
  12. I think they are a little out of my price range unfortunately :(
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    definitely get the GC Bubbalcious over the the Blaze glass o_O

    Even though the Blaze glass is 2mm thicker, I bet the GC piece is stronger. Also, you would be sacrificing not 1, but 2, nice diffused downstems.

    In my personal opinion I would go with the GlassCity Bubbalicious bong. Cheers:smoke::wave:

    EDIT: Also, DO NOT, get that 11 arm Blaze ash-catcher. I can see the arms breaking quite easily.
  14. you have a nice price range, so id suggest dropping the cash for one of these. best glass for the price possible id say. the one perc on this is probably more effective than like 3 of those shitty tree percs put together lol
  15. I would go with the bubblicious.
  16. I'm pretty sure any sg stemline will be a bit above your price range, but they are an awesome hit.

    The lowest I've seen (online) was $300, I think.

    While it is more than you want to pay, that little bit of cash difference makes a HUGE difference function wise, and with that you will also have a lot more enjoyment, in my opinion.

    Good luck finding something.
  17. yeah it is a bit small, around 250-275 i think

    how bout this one?

    idk but id say the upward facing stemless grid is probably the most effective perc out there.


  18. this looks insane but outa my price range :/

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