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  1. My light touched the top leaf thats why theres a small burn. i saw it but it was too late to save it. But i dont know what the problem is for other leaves. What should i do now? Check pictures and you will see the problem...
    Thank you!

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  2. Touched? Past tense right?. Did you fix it? If so youre fine
  3. yes it was couple hours ago. i was changing my bulbs places. so there was a touch with the leaf. you can see what happend then at picture 2. but the other problems are different. i dont know why it happend. i dont use anything to feed that plant. only soil. i just give water when it's dry. this is my first plant thats why im trying to learn the problems.
  4. As you're flowering you should expect a certain amount of yellowing and leaves falling off as your plant redirects nutrients to the buds from the old leaves no longer getting light
  5. oh. so you say it's normal? i will send another picture can you actually tell me how much more i should wait to harvest?
  6. There is a another pictures. i believe my plant is not too strong. İ use 5lt water bottle as a pot. İ dont use nutriens have 2 of 2700k yellow light and 3 of 6400k dayligt so everything is bad. İ just have nice smell in my room :) for next time i will do everything well but now, i want to keep that girl alive and need to make something to smoke :)

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  7. Next time try to get some higher quality light youll be able to tell a difference
  8. No you want to stray away from cfl imo. They just dont run as well as the 'new' stuff like HID and LEDs
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  9. I think you're looking good!

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