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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CodyMac, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Hello!

    My closet in my bedroom is about 10'L x 7'W' 10'H my question is how am i going to be able to get good ventalation when it is completly sealed off closet with 1 door that opens to my bedroom, and right outside the door is a huge window if that helps. Any ideas on how to get some good ventalation going through the closet without drilling or cutting any holes in my door?(because it is an ApartmentI can leave the door open only when i am home, i am gone every weekday from 8am - 5or6pm. I plan on putting up Plywood and mylar for a box inside the closet so i can keep the door cracked open with a fan blowing inthere so light leaks wont be a prob

  2. check it, theres a search button. look it up. You'll find more than what you need in previously posted topics.
  3. I did do a search before i posted, no one seems to have the same problom as i do.
  4. take off the doorknob and use a computer fan as an exhaust fan
  5. It needs to be locked when im not home.. ( apt )
  6. Look in my grow journal on page 5 or 6. It shows how I vented my closet. If you have access to the attic, I sugggest you do the same. Just save the cut piece so later you can slip it back in and slap a little plaster on there.
  7. i live on the bottom floor ... forgot to add that
  8. why not change the lock on your bedroom door? or add a lock. ive done both in an apt gro. atleast you would know if it were tampered with. its not the best security, but it should give you some piece of mind.
  9. yea i said i was going to lock it ( about 2 posts up ), im just gonna by a new door and make 2 holes ( 1 at top 1 at bottom of course ) And then hang a door poster over it to cover when i need to. How does that sound?
  10. that would work for stealth. when i said lock it, i meant the door to your bedroom. add or change that lock. you can do the same with the closet also along with the door change
  11. i know apt complexes have to give 24 hour notice before entry right? It just seems if they were to ever enter without me knowing and the closet was locked it would seem less suspicious then if the bedroom door was locked.
  12. not neccesarily, because its an apt, maintence would prolly assume your jus tryin to prevent them from peeking in at your stuff. apt inspections dont normally include bedrooms, all ive been through have been mostly kitchen and bathroom. i dont even think they should even glance at the door. they do normally give atleast 24hrs before they have to enter.
  13. hehehe, you are right but, i did a test when the annual inspection time came around for my apartments, when i saw the 24 hour notice on my door, i woke up the next morning and closed my bedroom door 3/4 of the way shut and put a little rubber ball right behind the door, and sure enough when i came home the ball was up against the wall meaning they went in my bedroom, that is kind of spooky now that i think of it, but as far as my closet they dint open that.
  14. Hey Cody,
    if one of the closet walls is on the other side of a closet/cabinet thats in a different room- just vent through the wall into the cab. build a grow box inside your closet. you can just leave a pot/pan handle holding the cab door open. you can mount the ballasts outside the grow box & still be concealed in your closet.

    Have Fun,
  15. The only thing that is connected to my closet is my bedroom wall and then the bath room is on the other side, and the street on the other. With that in mind..... is smell going to be a problom living right by a walkway....
  16. What you do is, Get a gernade and some trip wire... boobytrap the shit out of it...

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