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  1. I hot this plant two days ago. She was a bit neglected from her previous owner. About 10 wks old. Temp in room is 72, humidity is 53. 12 on 12 off light schedule. She was droopy when i got her. Ive watered her once based on the knuckle trick, with rain water with a ph of 6.7. Shes still not all the way dry, atleast not knuckle deep. Previous owner says shes planted in livin soil. Any ideas or advice? 20190830_175346.jpg 20190830_175346.jpg

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  2. nutrients and prayers
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    What happened here? Was it not watered? Looks pretty crispy.
    Edit: Just read what happened...or the situation anyway...

    I'd say to be honest? I don't like its chances looking at it - but in saying that I've also seen plants bounce back from worse.

    So it's in autofeed potting mix type thing is it?

    I think it's been neglected when it comes to watering, was this just like an experiment?

    1: Ensure it's got decent could even change the pots and put it into one with some clay balls down the bottom. This would also give you a look at how things are underneath.
    2: I would actually suggest you give it almost a flush. Lots of water. Adjust your PH to whatever is needed for soil mixes like this. Do it until you get solid run-off. Some people would check the run-off PH as well to see where they stand on further adjustments.
    3: Get yourself some beneficial bacteria, and after your initial flush, mix in some of that and pour over some more. This stuff...I believe...kind of eats and converts old/dead root matter etc into food, and makes things kind of optimal under there.

    Let it drain drain drain, then put it under lights or whatever you're gonna do with it.

    ...I don't know if there's a way to check the usefulness of the potting mix it's you could probably buy some kind of food/nutrients too if needed...but yeah I'd go easy on it, because it's not really looking in the condition that overfeeding it would be a good idea.

    Good luck. I think you'll need it here.
  4. This is honestly the saddest plant I’ve ever seen. It looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

    Feed that thing some serious nutrients it needs all the love it can get.
  5. Thats im actually really upset about the condition its in. Kid i bought it from swears itll be okay. Im paying super close attention to her. Nd im going to do my best to bring her back to life. Thanks for ur imput everyone.

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  6. Btw i did believe it was way too underwatered. I added some good water to ut today. Will be watching super closely and adding nutrients to it tomorrow if conditions dont improve enough over a nights rest. I feel pretty swindled by the kid who past this plant onto me. He definitely took advantage of a first time grower.lets orsy this baby comes back.

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  7. Should i call the kid who past the plant on to me out on giving me a no good plant

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  8. How much did you pay?
    Has it declined since you've purchased it?
  9. 60 and yes it has. Ive noticd her perk up a small amount then go back to droopy. I was thinking of buying some organic liquid kelp to mist the leaves with and continue to monitor very closely and water when needed.

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