Help me purchase a new bong!

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  1. ive been lurking this forum awhile and decided to finally join. i want a new bong. ii have only 150-175 to spend so i know im not getting any roors or illadelphs and shit.

    i prefer a straight tube that has at least one perc and ice catcher is nice but not needed. i was thinking of getting a pure or purp but idk if i can afford the pures or if purp is good quality?

    i really want a straight lux with the perc but i think those are over two hundred.

    any ideas, suggestions, comments?


  2. first, I wouldn't go by brand. If you can find a nice straight tube at a small shop and it looks like good quality to you, then buy it. Lux is roor's line of perc's , so it's going to cost you for a Lux. I'd just go with a nice, simple straight tube, maybe a single perc, and some nice custom external a/c so you don't dirty up with bong. Percs are nice, but they make the bong more delicate, and are harder to clean/maintain. You can check out my new tube, it was $190, and is of the same, if not higher quality than any roor/illa out there.
  3. where would i find pics of ur tube
  4. nvm found it. but yea i just want a straight tube with one perc, diffused downstem with an ice catcher. think i can find one for 150
  5. word, I agree, the perc is nice, mine just jumped out at me so i picked it up. If you want all glass on glass, a perc'd tube for $150 is going to be hard to come by. I plan to do an inline diffuser ext a/c at some point to make up for the lack of the perc. good luck:smoke:

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