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  1. Greetings again,

    I'm about to seed a new plant, and I wanted advice on planting.

    I just went and bought:

    peat pots
    18-10-10 potting soil
    a couple of pots
    and some peat moss

    Is there a way I should prepare this all? How much pearlite per soil etc. should I put in the soil? It would be good if I could know in ratio to the soil how much pearlite etc. to put in there and how much peat moss...

    Thanks in advance

    By the way, I'm growing indoor under natural light at a window
  2. Start by returning that 18-10-10 potting soil and getting some that does not come pre-fertilized. Shouldn't say added phosphorous or anything like that. Organic is best. From there, the amount of potting soil vs. peat moss will gain no consensus here, it's up to each grower's preferences. In fact, the potting soil could already contain peat moss. That's OK. My typical mix:

    40% soil
    30% sphagnum peat moss
    20% worm castings
    10% perlite
    Sometimes I throw in some clean sand as well.
  3. that miracle grow aint no better,,, it proably has time released fertilizers in it also,,, best to get a nuetral potting soil [ nothing added to it],,, with the virgin potting soil , you can add your supplements,,,, make sure they are sterile,,, by this i mean no horse shit you picked up out if a field,, [ youd be asking for a future bug infestation] by sterile i mean if it aint in a bag you opened dont trust it to be parasite free.....i made this mistake and it tought me a lesson,,,, one i hope you take to heart,,,,,good luck
  4. I have used a all natural liquid plant food I found on the Internet at It is made from rabbit droppings and I use it to condition my soil. It works better than anything else I've ever tried. I even became a distributor so I could get the stuff real cheap.
  5. I use a all natural liquid plant food made from rabbit droppings to condition my soil. I found it on the Internet at It works better than anything I have tried before. I even became a distributor so I could get the stuff cheap.

  6. Totally agree.
    I would return those peat pots also. Go for clay or plastic pots. Stay away from high Nitrogen soil including Miricle Grow, Scotts and Shultz.

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