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  1. Hey guys, I'm an indoor grower this is my second grow I lost one of my plants the same way last time, my ph is 6.2 my nutrients are oldtimer organic, my medium is oldtimer soil mix, I'm just at the start of week two flower , just noticed these yellow deformed leaves at top of one plant I'm worried I might lose it again, Iv recently got a co2 pack in my tent I'm also feeding cal mag and big bud advance nutrient alongside the flowering nutrient by oldtimer. Anybody any idea what this could be ??and how I can save it ? Please see attached pics :/

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  2. Can you please share some more details like how how the temperature , how often do you water them
  3. The temp is around 24 all the time, I have been giving them 1 litre of water every day and nutrients every other day . Just flushed the plant and checked run off ph is 6.2 . Any ideas mate ?

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  4. Dude you water your plants every 3 day or so, You have to check the soil and water the accordingly.

    Additionally nutrients have dosages for different plant stages. You can't give all nutrients at once. You need to carefully examine the stages your plants are at and feed them accordingly.
  5. Yea mate I have been using nutrients correctly, I don't just wack them all in like lol I have been checking soil they might be a bit over watered but they aren't showing signs of it, do you have any idea why this plant is doing this ?

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  6. I have this sometimes, I have no idea what causes it but it seems to return to normal growth after a couple of pairs of nodes. There doesn't seem to be any knock on effect
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  7. No idea how big your pots are but your watering habits are terrible.
  8. In which way is that helpful monkey pick ass or was that just a statement? I'm slight confused never really come across a stoner with such a shit attitude, you ever hear the saying if you've nothing good to say say nothing? Maybe you should check yourself before you ...

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  9. You seem like the one with the attitude bro. Maybe learn a few things like how to water a plant before you try and do this shit.

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