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  1. So I planted this random bagseed from reggie a while ago maybe late july I think . anyway I wanna noe if it female and how much longer till I get buddd and what is it sativa indica ? Email me if needed ( )

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  2. Well it's still wayy to early to tell whether a male or female yet. And it started it just a few weeks ago you a way behind and will probably not yield much at all. Flowering normally begins in late July. And also it is still too early to tell whether indica/sativa and even when it does get bigger sometimes you can't tell which category it fits in, it very well could be a hybrid of the two.
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    It looks like a hybrid of sativa and indica. (Indica- short fat leaves; sativa- long skinny leaves) Your plant is still a baby, no way to tell if it is male or female yet.  Right now, your plant is putting out paired leaves- the two leaves are directly opposite of each other. Your plant will announce when it is getting ready to tell you its sex by alternating leaves. The leaves will no longer be in pairs- you will get one leaf on one side of the stem, and a little further up will be a leaf on the opposite side of the stem. 
    However, cannabis is a dark/light dependent plant- it needs 10 to 12 hours of dark to show sex in most strains. We are in summer now, so the nights are short. Your plant should show sex a bit before the autumnal equinox, Sept. 23 when we reach exactly 12 hours of dark and light. 
    Females usually to show sex later than males, so the longer your plant takes to show sex, the more likely it is to be female! So don't be impatient! Females do tend to have shorter spaces between the pairs of leaves and are frequently shorter than males.
    Once your plant starts alternating leaves, start looking for preflowers (run a search for pictures). There will be two tiny, white hairs growing out of the little preflower- that's a girl. The pictures will show you what to look for, better than I can describe it.
    Enjoy your new hobby!
  4. Thanks man

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