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  1. Hey everyone, I just moved into a new condo with my gf. I get this entire spare room to turn into a study room/comics and game room or whatever. Looking for some cool ideas for posters or shit to put on the wall. Cool ideas on just general set up to get the best vibe and feel for group study sessions and group hangout sessions. No tv! In this room... I have a coffee table I'm going to put up in front of the futon also. Thanks I really suck at this kind of stuff but I get so envious of people when they have these badass study rooms or man rooms whathaveyou now I can have one finally. Looking to the best help I know... GRASSCITY!!!


    Messy because I just moved in.

    Thanks +rep for sick ideas.
  2. Grow room.
  3. Get some soil and lights
  4. I had a 4 plant WW grow at the old crib my parents house but cannot do it here because gf is too scared to do it someplace we are renting otherwise right on..
  5. Just throwin it out there, i mean i know you were sayin it'll be a study but imo, best shit you can do with that room:

    Mounted tv

    Couple couches

    Mini fridge

    Trippy posters/blacklights

    Nice big ol' bong
    Surround sound music 24/7

    Make it a bud lounge broseph
  6. 1/4 of the room goes to a couch and tv setup
    1/4 of the room goes to computer shit
    1/4 of the room is to build motors
    1/4 of the room is to build transmissions.
    Seal the closet and make it the hot box

    hmmm souunds about right...
  7. A good surround sound audio system
    Big TV
    Mini fridge
  8. table in the middle, couches/chairs around it to hang out and smoke. bong and weed stuff on the table, tv on the wall, surround sound system for music, mini fridge for beer
  9. Mini bar
    Mini fridge
    LEATHER couches
    nice ass round table
    bong or something on top of it
  10. Make a Safe "Panic" Room

  11. A trip room.

    psychedelic posters.... lights..... speakers everywhere..... drugs..... hmmm thats all!
  12. Ok so I went out n bought a couple posters a table a bong and sum dro like u GUIs said... Ran out of money so no tv yet I have a 55 down in the den but can't bring it up here...

    After a little rearranging this is what I got.. More input will def. be appreciated thx this gonna be a few weeklong project I promise to listen to advice but sorry for talking like a retard not used to the iPad yet.




  13. Was gonna post nug porn but iPad cam sucks bad made my chronic look like scwag gay...
  14. Negative on black light because and I quote " I'm not in middle school" ....
  15. Gonna try to look for a monster or red bull fridge I hate plain department store minis...
  16. Throw some incense in here to help the feng shui.

  17. Done i got black cherry and jasmine
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    I think can be installed a laser stage light.Occasionally at leisure time, you can singing or dancing in yourself room. ;)
  19. Dump the incense idea. Buy a oil burner. Tons of different scents, less smoke, and the smell usually lasts longer.

    Oh and my 2 cents. Kick ass turntables. My boy had some in his room and we'd spend hours on them just mixing it up. I am aware you may not know how but I didn't either until I played around with them awhile. Funnest thing ever to do while high back then:p



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