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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by AbusiveGrandma, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Whats up GC, I live with my parents and like most, their pretty not cool with weed. Ive been caught so many times, and i guess their getting a little lenient about it, but i still cant blaze inside, it always reeks. I heard good things about the MFLB, like the vapor doesnt smell too much, and its really good for stealth smoking. Is this true? My parents sleep right down the hall, and i really need to know what vaporizers are the best for trying to hide smell. Thanks guys   :smoke:

  2. Dude my parents were the same, I could never smoke inside. Mom could come downstairs heated and tell at me.
    Vapes DO smell, but very very little. Especially wax pens. I would rip my atmos rx through my bong with my mom in the room next to me and blow my cloud towards the window. She had no idea. If you have a window and a vape it's done they won't have a clue. And the Mflb is a great one. Just be careful, sometimes the buds smell more than the vapor. If you're looking 100% stealth get a vape that can use concentrates, most don't know the smell.
  3. My first vape was a cheap knock-off of an easyvape, I ended up getting it for $4 because i got stuffed around. It was actually suprisingly good, did it s job for a few years. Although I've now replaced it with an Arizer Extreme-Q and frankly I could never go back. Its not portable (without a battery pack) but so far as i can tell it creates no smell (although it's largely dependent on the bud).
    Recently while doing the bags inside a friends brother walked in on us. He's cool with weed but doesnt smoke, we asked if he could smell it and he couldnt smell a thing.

    It's a little more expensive than the MFLB (~$60) but unless you need the portability then i seriously reccomend it. I love mine :D
    anyways just my opinion, im sure either will be great :smoke:

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