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Discussion in 'General' started by Ciscokid930, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I usually wear ambercrombie and shit...... but i dont really wanna wear any of that anymore..... doesn't really express who i am...

    anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of getting just bob marley, sublime, hendrix shirts.... but i dont wanna just be that dude thats all like "HEY LOOK AT ME, I SMOKE WEED!"

    every time i go to pac sun i feel like im gonna have a seasure the way it is now... with everything so SHARP EDGES BRIGHT COLORS CRAZY PATTERNS!
  2. Ralph Lauren polo, some khaki shorts and some clean shoes is how its done.

  3. You gotta find yourself man. I wore alot of Abercrombie mainly cause I worked there wayyyy back. Now I kinda just wear whatever catches m fancy, but a classic plain t-shirt and some nice jeans is my look.
  4. i personally wear skater clothes like basically tight jeans and vans or lakai with like a tye dye shirt or alienworkshop or habitat but a couple of bob shirts. u can try some of that i find it very comfortable but for some reason ppl kno i smoke weed .=] maybe it has to do with the smell of weed as i walk into class all baked =]
  5. You sir, are correct!
  6. id go with super tight black nuthugger jeans
    unbuttoned flannel shirt, maybe a red/yellow plaid? (chest hair needed)
    some of those colorful trendy shades
    and one of those cool hat thingys
    bam, new you

  7. Fuck PacSun. or have MUCH better assortments from brand slike volcom, rvca, billabong, obey
  8. its like you kno me personally except i dong grow chest hair but i wear a white shirt under and no converse for me vans will do

  9. yous one trendy "18" year old mawfucker then
  10. nice jeans, on the more fitted side, not too baggy, and a shirt i find nice...some band shirts, or just wierd designs and white uptowns. ive been rocking this thick banded Fender watch recently too.

    PS: i wore an abercrombie shirt today and was self consious about it all day...hate that brand...
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  12. ahah... nice

  13. ...i think i may be able to start a new trend

  14. Totally. Look how cool and confident that guy looks.
  15. Start rocking some Lrg, if you havent heard of it check it out its sweet as hell, some awesome urban gear!
  17. why would you wear anything thats not comfortable?

    fuck all this trend stuff, just wear some clothes.
    the clothes dont make the person, the person makes the clothes know what i mean,.

    i rock two tees that match my shoes.

  18. i haven't changed underwear or showered in two days

    if you want to still wear polos and shit but not have the moose or logos on it... find a company that makes pique polos without an emblem, i know old navy does this

    otherwise... i mean... like, wear t-shirts and jeans and shorts and stuff... i don't see what the problem is

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