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    Hi all,

    I'm going to order a new tube as a bday present to myself. Right now I'm looking at a 9mm US Tubes straight shooter with the 24mm joint. Anyone have any other recommendations around that price (~$300). I'm also considering a Toro bub with mini frothelator, but the 9mm glass is so tempting.

    Also, which downstem is smoother, the 7 arm diffuser or the showerhead?
  2. It will be a different hit, but the showerhead will most likely be a little smoother and really comes down to preference.

    You've got enough cash for most brands out there, so just take a look around and do some dry pulls at some shops if possible.

    Oh, and everyone on here is going to tell you to buy Sovereignty ..
  3. i have a 9mm straight beaker. thing is my baby and could bludgeon someone to death and still rip. literally so durable tossing it in a backpack is all thats needed
  4. pretty well settled on a US Tube now. checked out the thread and saw some of the build a tube's with the bubbler option, was very impressed with that. so now i'm thinking either

    -7 mm straight purple build a tube
    -7 mm stemless build a tube
    -9 mm straight tube

  5. 7 mm is pretty thick i do not think its necessarily to get 9 mm.

    get one of the 7 mm ones
  6. Went with 9mm straight, 7 arm downstem and a carbon filter, should be a beast
  7. [quote name='"Sparky88"']Went with 9mm straight, 7 arm downstem and a carbon filter, should be a beast[/quote]

    Congrats man, it will serve you well for many years.

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