Help me pick a haircut?

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  1. Lol this thread's gonna be hella gay I just know it.

    ANYHOO, I need a haircut, and for some reason, I wanna ask you guys for help. I like the way you all think, y'know? Mature in a I'm-fucking-five-mentally way.
    So yeah C: Whatever you think I should do~
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    On a more serious note

  3. my hair was so bieber when it was starting to grow out. It was awful :C I had to mess it up so it wouldnt look like that.
  4. Take it down to the scalp except for the middle part of your bangs.

  5. oh yeah totally. Thats exactly what i was looking for! THANKS!:hello:
  6. Personally i don't really pick a hair cut so much as a pick my barber and just let'em do their thing. comes out excellent everytime.

    i recommend getting the hot foam shave :)

  7. I had a mohawk like that. Like my sides were shaved but my bangs and the mohawky part was there. Was badass.

  8. I cant stand barber shops. They scare me for some reason. I go to this salon thingy. I may look like a fag walking in but walking out I look FABULOUS(;
    (I'm joking. But you know what I mean)

  9. I hate you all. Lmfao
  10. Eraser cut, I think it's also called the high top.

  11. I would never go to a barber where they didn't wear shirts.
  12. Get a 3/8" fade all the way around. Or a taper fade. Boys become men when they cut their hair short. Most of the time, a man's job requires you not to have long hair.

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