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HELP ME pass my drug test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Landedbutlost, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I just found out yesterday, 1/28, that I have to do a pre-employment drug test. I am super worried because I am a regular smoker. I’ve been smoking for years, and probably about a gram a day. I don’t do any regular exercise either. I found out on the 28th and I haven’t smoked since. I’ve been drinking lemon water, green tea, and eating high fiber foods. I also bought a bottle of Protox XTreme Strength(for those with large body mass) to drink before the actual drug test. I am 5 ft 2, and weight about 115 lbs. I’m not super skinny, I definitely have some body fat for it to hide in, lol. Think there’s any hope for me to pass?
  2. On the day of, try and dilate your pee with as much water as you can, while taking a bunch B12 to make it yellow. Also, make sure to only fill up the cup with the middle of your stream, not the beginning or end. Otherwise, there's nothing else you can really do at this point.
    Good luck!

  4. First, thanks for replying! I will do that. I kinda feel SOL(shit out of luck)’at this point. Only so much I can do with such little time. Damn drug tests...
  5. What do you wanna try dude... The dilution method or the synthetic piss method.. Quick Fix has had 2 - 0 pass/fail ratio within the last 2 weeks man from others who used it so QF is looking quite promising. I can share the success links if you want. I myself have tried a detox solution but I waited 25 days of soberness before using and it worked but being that it was 25 days, I'm not sure these results will remain constant for you.

    If you've been smoking for awhile man... QuickFix bro.. Motherfuckers have been passing their tests with that shit like Michael Jordans dunking success rate man. I would love to see you pass on it too.
  6. No way you gonna get clean in time, I would use quickfix, just helped me get a lifelong job. I'm hitting the dab pen all day everyday until my first day.
  7. Do you guys not use the u-pass clean fetish urine? Lol I’ve used that and passed my wife used it to get a medical job lol only time I’ve heard it not working is when someone tried to go get some aderral filled and couldn’t have weed in the system. So they used upass but they didn’t test positive for adderal and got screwed lol

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  8. I think OP is trying to actually cleanse himself free of MJ. But I'm not knockin your idea at all mate, I've seen 2 threads within that past 2 weeks who passed their drug test using Quick Fix so the synthetic stuff definitely will work. I just don't think that's what OP is aiming for.. Correct me if im wrong OP.

    EDIT: Got this thread confused with another one... Whoops. All you dirty guys trying to pass their tests all of sudden, it's got me insanely confused with whos who. Lol but yeah OP. Hope you bought some quick fix and got that problem squared away. Update us!
  9. Just do quick fix. You can buy it at any smoke shop or usually most gas stations that sell smoking shit have it. Just heat it up a little before heading to your test and you're good. I used it many times in my teen days for jobs. Even lab tested ones passed. It's like 5-0 for me.

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