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Help me out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by evilbender, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I havent really touched the stuff since high school, I went into the army had to quit long boo hoo story. Anyways, its been almost 8 years I dont even know where to begin to look to find someone who isnt a cop anymore. When I did it it was always just around it was easy. Im in the capital city here in Iowa, and kinda nervous to just start asking people if they sell it.
  2. Easiest way man, is to go to large populated places (Malls, etc). Look for the typical "stoner" looking person.
  3. Your typical person will not give you any trouble about looking for weed. If they do give you trouble, they will also easily back off if you give them any shit.
  4. Yep, i've learned that if you think a person smokes they probably do. I don't know what you're all about so this might not work, but parties around colleges usually have people smokin that can hook you up.
  5. ive tried the malls before maybe ill goto merle hay again they seem to be a bit more ummmm dark. As for the college parties, not really my thing an almost 30 year old guy hanging out at a frat house seems wierd.

  6. I always hated that phrase..
    Makes buds sound like crack
  7. go to a headshop. hang out for a while. when you see someone come in and look at the glass, just leave when they do and ask them about a hookup. Don't make it creepy tho, haha. But seriously, i have never seen someone go into a shop with the intent to rip a fat bowl of tobacco out of a 'water pipe'.
  8. ai was just gonna ask anybody ever been to that day dreams by drake
  9. #9 lazebrait, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009
    fixt = PMed him ;] was tired last night

  10. you might want to delete this immediately if you don't want to get banned, offering to sell/dealing/buying is against the rules here.
  11. Fixed my post, if you would kindly remove the quote from yours i'll keep that in mind next time :eek:
  12. Haha thats the shit :smoke:
  13. looking for some also pm it up!

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