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  1. i've been thinking about growing my own. it's been done by numorous people i know, but those people are now hard to contact and you guys are right here waiting, right? kidding.

    anyways, i live in a town of 6,000 people, and probably 60,000 square miles of woods. well that's an exageration. it's a small town, almost completely woods. and the best part is, we're so small, we don't have any police at all in my town. so i've got a couple locations picked out, deep in the woods, or in my parent's garden (they don't mind). i'm guessing that the garden, with it's decent exposure to sun and all, is better than the woods, right?
    the other thing is, i live in connecticut, we've got every kind of weather you can imagine, and you don't know when it's coming. so what do i do about snow, rain, and the other elements?
    how much protection and shelter do the plants need
    how much sunlight
    how much watering

    how do i even begin?????????????????????????

    someone wanna help me out, tell me what to do?
  2. Covington.

    I live in CT also, whereabouts are u located? (PM me) I grew 2 plants in the middle of the woods last summer just for experimentation purposes. Right now im growing 8 seedlings under 2 40 watt bulbs in my basement. Experimentation purposes again, but fun just the same. Growing outdoors in CT is almost impossible until spring(obviously due to the frost and snow)
  3. I think you should NOT attempt to grow your shit outside because of the snow, i mean come on now its winter, i think you should pick out a nice spot in your room or in your basement and grow it. to begin the first stage of growin you must germinate your seeds,to do that look in general growing under GERMINATION, after they begin to form a taproot you are then ready to plant it.but first make sure you have a good light source to find a good listing of that go to general growing and look for "light question" posted by me BUDDA LOVA and look at the lights listed to use, when you get your light, and spot then you are ready to pick out some good dirt (black dirt is good). make a hole in the dirt wit your finger about a little past your knuckle and drop the seed taproot first in the hole then cover the hole up wit dirt and water. keep the light over the bud plant and water DAILY hopefully ive been of some assistance aight good luck and l8
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  4. okay, i knew well enough not to even attempt to grow outside right before or during winter, i was going to learn all i could now, start the germination inside, then plant outside in the spring. but you just gave me a fabulous idea that i can't believe i didn't think of before. my basement has a dirt floor. there's only one light bulb in the whole place, but we just happened to take my mom's plant lights (those greenish-purple lights) out of the kitchen, and i could possibly hook those up in the basement. thanks a lot for your help.
  5. budda lova is pretty much right, except you don't water every day! Over watering is the most common rookie mistake, most of us have made it. Once you drop the seed in, water it good, then it won't need water again for at least 3-4 days, somethimes a week or more, depending on the size of the pot it's in.

    Covington, if you're gonna grow in your basement, make sure there's no concrete right under the dirt, and don't use those crappy incandescent grow lights. They suck. Go buy some 4 foot fluoros and section off an area so they get all the light.

  6. -I know for a fact that there's no concrete under the dirt, because i went down there the other day to check it out, and there's already plants down there. of course, they aren't the kind of plants i'm going to be growing, but they're growing right up the walls of the basement. they're almost white, too. that's cool.

    well anyways, thanks everyone for the advice, i can't wait for my seeds to germinate. i'll keep y'all updated

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