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Discussion in 'General' started by russiantoker, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hi I'm still new to this forum but I need some help. I am currently in cancun Mexico at a resort called Rivera Maya Catalonia hotel. The thing is I rlly am trying to find some bud but no luck. Does anyone know of a place near me that I could bike to so I can cop some bud. I tried riding around mexico,but asking randomly for mota (weed) doesn't work. If you guys know a good solution let me know. I got the money and time to travel on a bike so if there is a good little flea shop ppl know nearby and wudnt mind Peyton me know where it is. I just need a connect right now for the rest of my vacation.
  2. Try the beach,look for people smoking mota and ask for some.

    That's the best way to go about it because people are scared to talk about any kind of trafficking with strangers.

    The violence from the cartels down there has everyone on edge so be careful who you talk to and where you go.
  3. Ask the bartenders.... they always know lol
  4. Yeah they do.

    So do these guys - but they take it back plus ALL your money.


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