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Help me out here

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RastaPenguin, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Alright, so got 1/8 of og kush over the weekend, I've been smoking it for a few days now (Sooo good:bongin:). Anyway, I have a physical coming up for my school baseball team and I don't remember having to take a physical for any of the other seasons. Will I be drug tested? Your answers are appreciated.
  2. I dunno, maybe the Age Police can help you out.
  3. Mhm..I'm 18, a senior.
  4. We can't tell you if you will be drug tested, it varies from school to school. My high school had random drug tests for athletes, but I know of places that don't do that
  5. Aren't we all.
    Anyway, depends on your State, School District, School Policies.
    How the hell should we know if your school drugs tests.
    (Think about it)

  6. I'm not really in the condition for hard thinking right now
  7. Then i'm not in the mood to answer stupid questions.
  8. Heres a fucking crazy idea

    stay with me here


    Ask someone who goes to your school!!:eek::eek:
  9. Mhrm.. Then why are you wasting your time replying to my "stupid question"?

  10. ^ Hey, look oldSCHOOL_toker answered your question.
    Your Welcome.

  11. Who knew a group of stoners could be asses? I'm out. Thanks a lot Grasscity :mad:
  12. ^^ That or go online and search your student handbook for their policy.

    Amazing the number of tokers that got held back in school, especially after the report about us drug users being smarter than the average person. :p :smoke:

  13. ooo that was my report, yes its true stoners have higher IQ than non stoners :) :bongin:
  14. since no ones helping, i will

    well no one here is going to know, what you should do is ask another player on your team or the varsity team if your not on that or you can ask another sport athlete.
    it really varies from school to school, i played baseball for my high school and they did not drug test us.
  15. You'll have to piss in a cup but the doctor isn't allowed to tell them if u tested positive I'm pretty sure. I've gone to physicals after smoking a Few hours before and was fine

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