Help me not screw up my harvest this time!!

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    Last few harvests I've been having problems keeping that "weed smell." I've noticed that my hanging plants always seem to end up crispy by the 2nd-3rd day...I usually manicure the buds as soon as I chop the plant and hang it whole in the tent. One small 6" fan left on for circulation, with temps around 73-74 and RH of about 50%

    By around the 3rd day its hanging whole, they seem very crispy! so in fear of losing ALL the moisture i'll break the plant down and throw them in jars. Once it was too late and jarring them brought back no smell or moisture for that matter.

    This time i'll hang the plant untouched and not manicured. Hopefully that will stretch out the time it takes to dry while hanging.

    I mean other than that I thought my temps and RH were spot on so I'm at a loss of what else I can do.

    Tips? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with sugar on top :) lol
  2. Let the plants slow dry for at least a week and a half. Then trim them, put the buds in a paper grocery bag for a couple days, then put them in the jar, opening the jar a couple times a day. In about two weeks, you'll have that nice weed smell back. If you trim them wet they will dry faster but fast drying IMO dilutes the flavor. But the curing is key. Even if buds feel dry on the outside they are not dry in the inside. When the stems turn like an olive green instead of a bright green they are getting dry enough to trim.
  3. Still doesn't really help me out, that just sounds like a very basic guide line.

    I understand the concept of what I'm supposed to be doing but I'm more so looking for some personal experiance on what others have done to actually slow down the drying process so the plant can expel the chloryphl properly so I'm not left with hay smelling weed. I have a few grows under my belt and my end product isn't horrible, but not near the quality I get on the street. It always seems to hang on to the hay smell...
  4. I'm almost positive the reason for this is the plant drying to fast and not so much my cure process. Which isn't something very complicated to begin with lol burp when needed lol
  5. The more cuts you make the faster it drys. So make less cuts, hang the whole tree if you have to.
  6. I've herd that before and this time i'll be leaving the plant completely intact. I know that will help prolong the drying process.

    Anyone else have any tips? I chop in about a week so I need to start coming up with a serious game plan! lol
  7. Hey KushKing,

    Your situation sounds just like mine, though I can't be sure I have any good, solid information for you to use.

    My third plant had been harvested around 18 days ago.

    From all of the research I have done, hours, days, weeks, months and still I somehow seemed to not really follow them aswell as I would have hoped.

    Usually members on all of the forums I have seen will say that when you come to the final day and you're ready, whatever ready is, I'm still not exactly sure when ready is, cloudy trichomes give a good high with bursts of energy, whilst darker trichomes give you a couchlock high, leaving you unable to get up.

    So anyway, you're ready and everywhere I have read said to trim and hang, I've watched countless amounts of youtube tutorials on this by people who swear by it, showing the results to be perfect or there abouts.

    I, like you, decided to chop and trim before hanging in a cool/sometimes warmish area, thus not to dry the buds too fast and lose all moisture, keeping the area humid but not so hot it would dry in a day-!

    2-3 Days pass and I check to find that most of the outer parts of the entire plant are quite crispy to the touch, though I never want to over squeeze them when checking to see if they are firm and/or dense.

    Along with this third plant was the second plant of which was quite smaller, almost like an auto from a regular seed as I just didn't have a pot or reasonable space, again reading up you will find most of the time you can only really yeild so much in one space, one plant would equal the same as 2-3 plants in the same space I believe.

    So I try to do as you did, rescue them before they get too dry, cutting the smaller buds and leaving the top cola of both seperate, now they are still drying on regular news paper sheets and looking today they are still not as expected after this length of time.

    I took a small bud, proceded to grind it and find that it doesn't twist around the grinder as I have known some to do this in the past, though it grinds it's kind of clumped together in a paste looking way though I would prefer to find a better expression it looks fresh when ground up.

    I now do not know what to do, one was a skunk strain, the other was a bubbleicious strain. The skunk strain smells not quite like fresh cut grass but has an odor not desirable, it is also quite dry now whilst the bubbleicious is kind of wet, both are now together in a draw 24x12 in size on paper with buds spaced apart and moved every day.

    Some parts are darker green than other parts, I feel this is still moisture locked inside and it is still yet to break it all down and release it through the drying process though I would say the temperature has been around 20-23c, although when I cropped seemed to be one of the hottest weeks of the year, unfortunately and unbeknownst at the time!

    Worrying again yesterday I took the scissors out for another time and trimmed off a few of the darker look leaf that were pointing/sticking out from the buds and this seemed to release some kind of smell which appeared to be bubbleicious though it was only a slight smell and believe it to still be in the drying process even though it has hit highs of 26c lately.

    I now believe that if I am to try again, of which I don't feel completely capable with minimal effort anymore, all I have used is water, nothing more and not sure it's worthwhile or not, unless I chopped too early perhaps could have been a factor, though the trichomes were in good shape I believe, cloudy to amber on both yet I'm still not really understanding my my process like yours seems to be in the minority of growers.

    I almost feel as though an experianced mentor would be best, if that were possible.
  8. Same boat as yall my 5th time harvesting and still get hay smelling not even street quality.i know it's drying too fast.

    This time i will try the sweating method where you put it out to dry for a day or two then bag it up or jar it up till it's wet again and then dry it out again and rebagem or jar em and let it get wet again and so on
  9. Well i'm a little too worried to try that in fear of mold lol

    Like I said before the only thing I can think of to slow the drying process down is leave the plant completely unmanicured and trim it after it has dried.

    I just set my digital gauges in the spot i'll be drying in and its holding at temps of 73 and an RH of about 45-48%....seem ok?
  10. Bump!! Need some help guys and gals! Day 60 of flower is just 2 days away. So far it looks like it will remain slated to come down sometime between then and the 22nd.

    Trichs seem to be all cloudy and barely any amber as of checking them last nite. Looking for and 80/20 cloudy/amber ratio.

    Strain is DinaFem White Widow Feminized.
  11. Bump! D-Day is getting closer and closer and I could still use some help!! :)
  12. I would just do I light trim then dry then final trim then put in jars. The smell will come back if you give it enough time to cure lol that's the hard part is waiting

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