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Help Me Name A Pipe I Built!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PGor07, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Hey, I just built the coolest looking pipe out of a card board tube and (I"m a diabetic)......and I need help naming guys got any suggestions??? I added some pictures below.....
  2. well it would stad to reason that we need to see said pipe to give it a name and know if its dry or wet and so on and so forth. if it looks anything like the image in my mind then maby along the lines of "Dankenstein".
  3. I'll second Dankenstein
  4. i agree with jhonnyweedseed we will need 2 see the said pipe
  5. this thread is worthless without pics!
  6. Here are the pictures of it......




  7. Dankenstein.
  8. Crackwhore because that is one ghetto ass pipe :D
  9. I'll fourth Dankenstein lol
  10. A friend of mine suggested "Tokinstein" does that sound?

  11. Dankenstein sounds like a winner.
  12. tha bazooka
  13. it will hit harder if you ditch the current mouth peice and use the big opening as the mouth peice.
  14. lol........i know......i just put that on there at the end cuz when it gets kicked, ashes wont go throught that.....
  15. i second bazooka
  16. id use that as a huge ass steamroller:smoke:
  17. name it bigmotherfucker
  18. paper towel tube right?

    how about using that?

    like the.... "Brawny Bud Cannon" or something incorporating the parts used to make it.
  19. bazooka sounds good.

    or BFP. . . Big Fucking Pipe.
  20. dankenstein?
    pretty creative though

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