Help Me If Your All About Spreading Good Vibes

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  1. Hola fellow stones :) if you have a Facebook page ( im sure some of you do ) you should really go like my page , i just started it and its dedicated to spreading good vibes across all users of the inter web.  i would greatly appreciate you if you do this and help me out :) :gc_rocks:  :devious:  :hippie: 

  2. I would love to spread good vibes with you but frankly FB isnt a place for good vibes so I dont have an account.
  3. I would rather not be deceived into visiting a site.  You had me thinking you were a blade in need of advice, lame.
  4. sorry friend but your negativity isn't needed here , good day now !
  5.   Lol negativity?  Since when is having the drive to help others in their time of need negativity?
       In fact, your response to me was exceedingly snarky.  If you were really about peace, love, and good vibes, you'd have been like "oh gee, im sorry about that man"  and then i woulda been like "it's all good bro, ill check your page out", But then you had to go and be like "Oh you're negative"..

     So now I'm like, Nah man, I'm good.  
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    you seem pretty negative towards this. maybe you need to pray to jesus to improve your thoughts of life . just an opinion.
  7. I didnt fall for your guilt trip.  :laughing:

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...
  9. i wish i could help.  you seem like you'd be a really grateful guy...

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