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Help me identify these Purps with Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SpookyBear18, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. I got these from a good friend of mine, he said it was some Purple Wreck. Now I have gotten PW before, and it was not so dark, it was mostly green with light purple highlights, but this is almost solid purple.

    Anyone know what it could be? It smells like grape, with some skunk undertones. It smokes smoothly, tastes GREAT, and delivers a creative, mellow/chill high.

    Sorry about it being only small nugs, I smoked all the choice nugs already. Thanks to all that answer, Happy Smoking.

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  3. Those look like some really tasty buds but I don't think anyone will be able to know what it is other than the grower. Seriously though you have some bomb bud why stress over what it's called? Just smoke it.:smoke:
  4. Thanks for the replys, and Mrburntout, I want to know what its called so I can buy more!
  5. fucking facepalm.

    you cannot tell the name of the strain by pics or smell alone or together, only the grower will be able to tell you the true genetics.

    half the time bud is purple bc whoever grew it did that to the bud by making it cold.

  6. Yes I know you cannot tell the exact strain by said things, but I was hoping someone here would say "hey I had a sack that looks exactly like that, it was _____". No need for "fucking facepalms". Just a little information. I knew it would be a long shot trying to find the exact strain but it will be worth it if I do.

    Thanks anyway.
  7. it's probably purple wreck, and it just got grown/flushed better this time.
  8. Well I did not find out what exact strain it is, but I found a sweet hook up for some Purple Kush! I love this stuff, ive been taking so much to the head and listening to Santana, The Doors, Jimi.......its some good stuff.

  9. When you go through smelling freezer bags and seeing it so much you actually can pick them out. im not saying you can tell kushes from different kushes, or utopia haze over liberty or stuff like that, but it's actually pretty easy to tell between hazes, kushes, diesels, and cheeses

    as the purple goes, really you can tell if it was pushed on it, or it was meant to be most of the time
  10. It sure looks like the Purple Kush I have.
  11. probably not purple kush some of the buds came out shaped like a sativa dominant and the others just popcorn nugs so it probably is purple wreck

  12. A buddy of mine said it looked like a sack of Purple Kush he had as well, but he said it was a long time ago. Do you have some pictures of your PK?
  13. sounds delicious. Ive had a few trainwreck crosses but nothing with a grape strain in it
  14. Ok so this picture is sort of bad quality, but the top half I know is Purple Wreck. The bottom half is a buddy of mines first ever crop of some unknown purple stuff but man was it good.

    This sack was from a while back, but the PW from then does not really look like what I have now. This stuff I have now is almost solid purple, and tastes the best of any kind I have had.

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  15. dude its some dak ass weed just smoke it. unless your in a medical state or buy from the grower fuck the strain names cuz there not gonna be accurate. theres too many damn threads like this. your pretty much asking us to tag a name on it for you.

    dude when it comes to smell, yes obv its easier to tell. but by straight pictures? nah the odds just get slimmer.

    its not easy to tell in every case. ive seen plants do all kinds of weird things.
  16. You've gotta remember, you could possibly have the same strain more than once without knowing it because of multiple phenotypes. It's all about genetics and really only the breeder (and sometimes an experienced grower) will know how many phenotypes a strain could possibly produce.

  17. I am in a medical state, with a medical card. A buddy of mine pitches in with me, and we buy in bulk (not from a dispensary) since he has sweet prices. Now this stuff is very high grade, and I simply want more. The earlier established hook up is not in the state anymore, so I can not get it from him, which is why I am asking for some help on identifying the strain.

    You made your point clear that it cant be id'd from picture alone, which I know. But again, its worth a shot.
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    I'm going to help looks very similar to what you posted in the OP. I would say it actually the same strain. It never looks the same twice or rarely if it does. It will look kinda sorta the same but never exactly. Look in my thread, the first pic is a strain I have been smoking for years and years. I know how, who, and where it is grown. I have the same strain pages back and it looks almost completely different. I hope this helps you gain the knowledge you seek. Rule of thumb...somethings are better left to your imagination.

    these 4 pics are all the same strain but different batches...some years apart...this is why they are asking you to stop the madness...




  19. Looks like OG purple urklewreckkushhaze.

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