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  1. Hey, Im from Cali and Im considering to buy some seeds from "The Prince" or so he is called (I forgot the name and too lazy to check, he lives in BC Canada). I am planning on buying the Kali Mist x Skunk#1 and/or the Kali Mist x Kali Mist
    Can someone please answer the following questions? I am new to this forum and I have high respect for all you fellow weed smokers so help a brother out and I'll be sure to help you when im needed.

    #1. Which is stronger? The KM x Skunk or the KM x KM?
    #2. The Kali supposedly got the #1 Cup thingy for best "Hydro" I've only heard about Hydro's and how tight they were and im new to this. Can someone tell me how I'm supposed to grow this Hydro weed if I buy it? eg: container to use? steps for growing? light to use (sunlight would be preferrable if possible since I live in Cali"
    #3. And 1 LAST question is... I saw pictures of Cannibus leaves that were pure green and I also seen pics where they have crystals and red hair on them and I know they are supposed to be the same thing but the one with crystals and the one with hair has been left to dry without water and sunlight to make it flower (I don't know what im talking about. I got this out of 4 hours of browsing the web and I know I might be wrong. How do you make it have all these flowery things on it like the hairs etc)

    If Pinhead is reading this help out bro. I got props going to ya for all the helps u gave to us newbs out there. And of course my props to everyone else out there who loves smokin and growin

    Damn I talk too much. sorry for the inconvenience but I really need help!
  2. Oh yeah I'm really really sorry but I forgot to ask you one thing, what type of weed has the highest amount of THC? I am seriously looking for some "one hitta quita's". And I don't know jack shit about weed, I only smoke it so please give me advice on what type of seeds to buy for indoor growth, indica or sativa. Oh and by the way, on average basis, does the cannibus plant have a strong weedy smell to it even in it's vegetative state? sorry for asking too many god damn questions. Please help!
  3. Shit I am such an idiot, I got yet another question to ask. You guys are prolly tired of my bullshit and I am so fucking sorry hehe. Maybe I should make a new account and pretend that im someone else? damn. well anyways, I was thinking about doing the so far steps. Please reply if u find anything dumb, stupid, or just wrong.

    #1. Buy a bag of about 10 seeds or so and go to a flower store and get a big ass pot. I was planning on using ONE seed on the pot and water then regularly (once a week? I don't even know tell me the watering method for hydro please) then taking care of the plant from there. Now the question is... what type of lights do I need to grow a SINGLE hydro weed plant (possibly kali mist depending on what u guys tell me to buy). Damn and if I can use sunlight and get about 2 ounces worth of smokable weed I would do that instead of buying some expensive ass light and the government busting in my house for suspicious electricity bills. Oh and what the hell are male and female plants? what do I do with them? which do I smoke? Damn tell me everything I need to know even though there's a ton of trouble involved. And if there's someone living in LA, help me grow this shit, I'll hook u up phat (a full plant?). Or just give me a website where I can go to a read about all this growing technicalities. Thank you very much for reading my bullshit and I hope to hear from you soon. Peace.
  4. dam you ask alot of questions, hehe. seriously (cause i just woke up and i ain't stoned yet), i think one of us is confused. "hydro" is short for hyrdoponics, a proccess of growing in water. it sounds like a real pain in the ass and i doubt that any of the more knowledgable folks here would recommend it to a first time grower.
    Valocoto posted a really good link to a site for beginners. i'll try to post it here but if it doesn't work just go to the "i just wanna get stoned" thread to find the link.
    good luck brudder!
  5. man just stay away from hydro....
    hyrdo + newb = major WET expensive pain in the ass

    you can edit your posts too by the way..just click edit, that way you dont have to post fifteen times in a row ;)
  6. unless you been studying about hydro for a while don't try it being a newb. but i do know some growers that never tried soil they went striaght to hydro, but they had help from me and some others, and they studied it for a while before they tried it.
  7. My first grow is in hydro and I love it, To me its easy but as stated in all the other replys you need to read up on it. I read nothing but Ed Rosenthal for about 3 months before growing and new the process like the back of my hand. READ READ READ if you want to try hydro. This is what my first grow hads givin me and its not quite done. This is one of 120 buds,(one of the main ones)

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  8. 1 of 120... damn... nice shit
  9. Hydro to me is a fun project in the winter when there is nothing else to do. Its not as hard fro a newbie as you would think as long as you follow a good grow guide like at Overgrow. Outdoor growing and indoor soil can be too slow and boring. There is nothing as exciting as seeing a plant grow 3 inches in 24 hours in a bucket set-up.
  10. i was gonna try the bucket set-up but i really don't know anything about it, i don't even have a bucket! lol.

    nice bud dude

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