help me get an oil rig

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Chase6, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. hey guys, i'm lookin into buying an oil rig of some kind.

    i'm looking for advice from people who use oil regularly and have advice on picking one.

    which, in your opinion, are best?

  2. Nobody can answer this question for you dude. It's all very much personal preference.

    If you want something super easy to use, get a concentrate slide (hole isn't at the bottom of the bowl, it's on the side) and a hakko/herb iron. Put oil in bottom of slide, poke with wand, inhale

    Then you get into dome/nail setups and pad/bell setups. The pad/bell is a bit easier to heat up over and over, but you have a bit higher chance of loosing some vapor.

    The dome/nail setups are a bit more complex, but work really well. If you're into elaborate/contraption type stuff go for this. There are alot of really cool nails being made nowadays

    With nails and pads you'll have to choose materials too. You have glass (just nails), titanium, and fused quartz mainly.

    If you like no hassle smoking or doing things while ur smoking, get the concentrate slide (other options get alot more attention, but this method pwns for ease of use, can also use a glow wand instead of hakko but that defeats the purpose of not heating for every hit). If you normally focus your attention to smoking while... smoking... than consider the other options more heavily.
  3. check out puffnpassglass they got some sick oil rigs!
  4. i don,t have any answer for u :)
  5. micro toro with a it or a dome
  6. that's what i have already decided on. thanks a lot guys.

    gonna go to the local HS sometime before wednesday and hopefully pick one up :smoke:
  7. I prefer side loader domes to anything else. Using a curve after a couple dabs feels like a high stakes game of Operation.
  8. Would something with less diffusion be better than say a 13 arm to circ mirco toro?

    This will be my only piece I'll use oil with, so I want to make sure I get one that suits best.

    Thanks for your help guys!
  9. I would just go with a small cheap 8 to 12 inch straight tube if this is all you are going to use it for.

  10. Minimal diffusion with a skinny bore is ideal for oiling.
  11. should go for one of the tiny tubes from soulshine family glass. Its like 8 inches tall. It'd be perfect for oil.
  12. or you could a c6 mini mammoth
  13. imo circ to 13 is way too much diffusion for oil, any double chmaber is
  14. Where would I order a C6 mini mammoth from?

    It's either I get a mini mammoth or a single chamber micro toro, of which diffusion style I haven't decided yet...

    To those who smoke oil on the regular, what would your preferred set-up be? a C6 Mini Mammoth or a micro toro of some type?

    thanks again everyone
  15. man there lots of diff oil rigs its just what you prefer c6 mini mammoth/ micro toro/ an hmk unit but theres a long waiting list to get one of his rigs you could just get a bubbler and but a it or a dome
    take a look at a few of these



    hope this helped

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