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Help me Finishing flowering!!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PurpAndSyrup, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, hope you all and your families had an awesome christmas!!

    I am in week 7 of flowering currently. I have been using the Sensi bloom Part A & B so far, today I bought a container of Cha-Ching to use along with the Sensi Bloom and help my buds tighten up and finish. The buds on my plants are still very loose, they almost look like they are just hairy buds that haven't tightened up. I want to tighten these buds up, and make them heavier, will Cha-Ching do this for me?

    The buds look pretty good, there are still some white hairs but some have also turned brown. I just need help with getting some insight on how I can help my girls get some tight buds.

    Also, I pulled a small bud off a plant and I dried and cured it to try and test it out to get an idea of where I am currently at. It did get me a "buzzed" high but it wasn't as strong as I would like it to be, obviously. The bud also didn't have a very good smell to it, it just smelt like pine needles but it wasn't a "chronic smell" that everyone aims for.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your input! Happy Holidays!:hello:
  2. I want to tighten these buds up, and make them heavier, will Cha-Ching do this for me?

    There is no magical miracle bottle out there - anywhere, at all. This will come with experience, but is also strain dependent - to a certain extent.

    Lighting also has a lot to do with flower density (besides te strain). HID lighting has a much better chance of giving you tighter flowers than CFL's, for example. What are you using for lighting?

    Remember - there's no magic bottles that make buds tighter.


  3. I know there isn't a magical bottle, but I have heard that Cha-Ching helps tighten up the buds and gives them flavor and smell. I was just trying to get some other peoples opinions if Cha-Ching is the real deal.

    I have 3 400W HPS lights in a 6x7 area!
  4. I second jerry, the cha Ching is just a waste of cash
  5. If you're doing a hydro setup and already have it, then by all means use it. If you haven't bought it then its a waste of money - like all "Bloom Boosters".

    Fat, vigorous healthy plants will give you what you're looking for. This needs to happen from the beginning. There is nothing you can give them at the end of their life that can change that.

    I used most of those bloom boosters before I smartened up and figured out what a scam they are - just the fertilizer companies final attempt to milk the last of your cash out of you. Every single one of them - they are all useless.

  6. I bought the entire fox farm lineup so i have all those 'magic bloom boosting solubles'... They all have about 3"of dust built up on them

  7. I 3rd Jerry on this. Like stretching, if you dont use adequate light, your buds will do the same.

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