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  1. My favourite history has just been deleted so the tube I was about to buy is lost in cyber space. I beleive the tube was stemless featuring a honeybomb marble on the base and a honeycomb design on the splash guard. I have no more information. It was clear except for the worked honeycomb splash guard and the honeycomb marble. It could have been inline but I think it had a waffle or strange "Honey comb" stemless diffusor. Any help adds rep!
  2. Sovereignty glass?


    Theres another tube with 3 worked honeycomb parts to it, including a marble, im just trying to remember where i saw it.

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  3. The one you showed me looks sick, but I think the one you're thinking of is the one I mean.
  4. I'll keep looking, i know theres one with a large marble against the base that sounds like the one your decribing.
    I'm a huge fan of Honeycomb so i've looked at alot of different glass over the last year unfortunatly.
  5. My buddy makes furniture and he made me this glass coffee table with a honeycomb marble in the middle and it perfectly matches the bong, so I kind of need it. It just looks so silly in my house where everything matches and I pull out a misplaced bong.
  6. Yea one of the marbles is dininitivly on the base.
  7. Although that one is really sick, it is unfortunatly the one. It looked more like the one posted earlier but with a worked honeycomb on the base.,

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