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    I just got finished gutting a 4 ft tall ancient ass speaker that was pretty much a decoration in my house. not once have i ever heard it actually produce sound so I figured why not open her up and look inside?

    Upon opening I realized something....these shits were made to grow in. Two intake holes and one up top for exhaust, a giant hole for me to be able to put things in and out of and Im going to need to a flap door or something airtight that I can close it with. The rest of the holes im going to make carbon scrubbers (any ideas on that are appreciated; tried to find the pencil holders from that other thread where they guy makes em but I cant find any like the ones he used around me so any ideas are appreciated) i plan on making 3 and i've already got activated carbon from my last attempt at a grow box that failed miserably.

    I also will need 3 fans. Small and a way to get power to them. I cant find any around here that are small enough. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

    Mylar paper, i've looked in home depot, walmart, loews, target, sears. CANT FIND ANY!!!!!! Would aluminum tape or the shiny "Insulation" material work just as well? Also I plan on sealing up all the cracks (they're already glued shut but I figure one more layer wont hurt keep the smell in) with aluminum tape as well. For lights I have 3 CFL bulbs, 40 Watt (I believe, too lazy to run downstairs and check them).

    And thats...about it. If you could help me with my problems i'd love u forever. I'll post a pic up in a sec so u see what im working with.

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  2. amazon is a pretty legit place to get materials. 2 day shipping is free with a trial membership of amazon prime.just order your things (mylar,growing medium, nutes etc.) and than once you get your merchandise cancel the free trial so you wont get charged 80 bucks.

    OR you dont have to go with the prime trial and just pay regular shipping

    hope that helped a little :smoke:
  3. nah I just wanna be able to go get it. I found mylar and have everything except fans. Anyone know where I can get fans small enough that connect to a socket? the comp fans I feel like i'd end up setting my house on fire if i tried to wire them up somehow...
  4. Just get a can of flat white spray paint, and you're set... You want to seal up that particle board anyway... flat white spray paint is just the ticket.

  5. what are you using to for the lightbulb outlet just woundering

    watch your step on the way up, cause im about to drop some knowledge
  6. Great operation bro, I myself am looking for a cab like this... I promise you won't burn anything down with a pc fan and a small dc adapter...

    *I can't actually promise that and I am not responisble for your actions, but lets just say it would take a big i'm talking HUGE fuck up to sttart a fire like that*

  7. I er...I...I may have found mylar and put that up. Will the smell seep through the particle board do u think? Also, the giant hole up top...I was thinking just using duct tape and a black trashbag piece as a flap. Do you think it'll control the smell enough?

    also I cant find small fans anywhere so im pretty sure I gotta go with the pc fans. Any advice is appreciated (even tho im sure i'll be researchin as much as I can seeing as Im a NEWB! haha
  8. Dayton fans makes extremely powerful fans Dayton 2RTD1 Axial Fan, 4 11/16 In Sq, 115 CFM, 115 V: Industrial & Scientific
  9. The smell shouldn't be an issue with the particle board, but moisture maybe... particle board will warp if it's too humid... and it can get moldy... If you keep an eye open humidity, you'll be ok... but if it seems like its get up there, get some sealant.


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