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    Years ago, probably about 2012 I had an online friendship with a guy that I met on this forum! His name is Myles and my name is Alissa. I haven't spoken to him for a very long time and have no idea how to contact him, I also can't remeber his user name. I'm just looking to reconnect as an adult and say how's it goin. I just want to see how his life turned out as we grew older.
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  2. I think his old user name was myles117? Not sure though.
  3. Wow he got banned a long time ago.. Last time I spoke to him he was over at RIU..
  4. Well, if you know how to contact him just let me know. I had this dream that he kept calling me and it's like the third night in a row I've had it. I figured I should do some research but jeez, it was such a very long time ago.
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    hi Alissa myles117 is over at roll it up ......he probably is the guy your looking for because he says hes just come from grass city this was a couple years ago and he was last logged in there in Feb this year i think you should just go to riu and join and contact him there ,,,,,,,,,,,mac
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  6. I'm the only Alissa I know! Haha. Who's asking ?
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  7. fuck RIU with they evil discorage button!!!
  8. ?
  9. riu is politically biased and will screw with you if yer not a liberal
  10. Ah okay, well, I'm not really in it for the politics.
  11. It's me myles
  12. If it's you tell me the RHCP song that meant the most to us.
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  13. Imma guess Can't Stop. No wait Under the Bridge, that's a good one! :laughing:
  14. Nah, but good try stranger :)
  15. was it OldSchoolSmoker? dudes a legend

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  16. It's one of those really obscure ones isn't it?

    Damnit now I really want to know :laughing:
  17. Just a short update to everyone to letcha know I found him! :) never been happier.
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  18. "Roll it up", eh? There are other pot-inspired forums?
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