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Help me find good 250w HPS kit

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PuffDaddy420, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Looking to buy a kit and get rid of these CFLs.
    Anybody know a good deal on legitimate website?
    Links appreciated
  2. Amazon all is there

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  4. Not a big fan of HTG personally.

    Given your location, these guys will ship it to you quick and for cheap. I've used them many times in the past. One screw up, but they fixed it promptly and paid for shipping costs for both returning the item and shipping me the new one.

    250w ballast/reflector. You'd need to purchase MH/HPS bulbs separately:

    Sunburst SBC250 250W HPS/MH grow Light - Plantlighting Hydroponics
  5. Htg supply, greners, or Amazon.

    I have a 600w from htg and it has worked great. Started with a used 400w from them as well, and it is still running great at a freinds house.
  6. I just think HTG is over priced. I can get name-brand products backed with better warranties for the same price, or cheaper than what HTG offers for generic shit.

    For instance - 1000w Lumatek ballast, and HTG brand 1000w digital

    PLH - $214.90 - Lumatek 1000W 120/240V Air Cooled Dimmable Ballast - Plantlighting Hydroponics

    HTG -$345.95 - HTG Supply - Lumatek 1000w Digital Ballast

    HTG brand - $294.95 - HTG Supply - Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 1000w Ballast

    Overpriced as fuck. Now let's compare the 250w that the OP wants:

    HTG brand - $151.95 - HTG Supply - Digital Electronic 250w HPS & MH Ballast

    PLH lumatek -$99.90 - Lumatek 250W 120/240V Dimmable Electronic Ballast - Plantlighting Hydroponics

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